Tilikum’s Ascension – Table of Contents

Tilikum's Ascension

Tilikum’s Ascension: A Short Story Blogged

Introduction (A Must Read)

Chapter One; A Journey Begins 

Chapter Two: Companion Of Seas and Stars

Chapter Three: Where Can Whale’s Go? 

Chapter Four: Whales Remember 

Chapter Five: Tilikum Is Aware

Chapter Six: PTSD and Tilikum 

Chapter Seven: Tilikum Meets God 

Chapter Eight: What Do Whale’s Need

Chapter Nine: Tilikum Is Sick

Chapter Ten: Tilikum’s Sitters

Chapter Eleven: Tilikum Says — Tell Them . . .

Chapter Twelve: Tilikum the Holder of Creation on Earth

Chapter Thirteen: Did I Know

Chapter Fourteen: I Did Know

Chapter Fifteen: Tilikum Rest In Peace

Chapter Sixteen: Tilikum Star-Child in the Stars

Chapter Seventeen: The Best Of Both Worlds

Chapter Eighteen: Tilikum at an Altar

Chapter Nineteen: Ice and Fire

Chapter Twenty: Where Dragons Reign