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Daily Date Message: 2-24-2017

Daily Date Message: 2-24-2017

Today’s date: 2+24(6)+1=9

Ask us to love where we are in our life. It is the way to fulfilment and happiness. Our dreams come true.

Loving life is the way to everything.



  • Do I love my life?
  • If not: What is one thing I can do today to love today?
  • Do I know what I want out of life?
  • Is it enough for me to just be in and love today; then love each day that follows? …

Vibrate/Sing: I love today!

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Daily Date Message: 1-11-2017

Daily Date Message: 1-11-2017

Today is an 11 day – in a 1 month and a 1 year: 1111; a Double Door Master Number Pathways opening day!

This is a Super Ascension Day, if we desire to choose such a path. Two or more pathways or doors present themselves today and represent choices. We all get to decide what paths we will walk; light, dark; ignorance, enlightenment. Sometimes, what looks like a dark place in our life, is only that we have our eyes closed and are asleep.

-When we turn on the light of enlightenment; investigation of truth and wisdom, we light up the room of our heart, making room for more light. 


  • Am I stuck in a rut? Have I experienced any enlightenment lately?
  • If stuck>>>>
  • What one area of my thinking can I examine today to observe how I am responding in life?
  • Am I hard and rigid in my thinking or open and inviting to the light of truth?
  • What can I do today to turn on the light of truth? (read something inspiring, talk to a trusted advisor, pray/meditate on an encouraging mantra …)
  • How can I turn what I have gleaned about myself into practice for every day, to evolve into greater awareness of where I hold the light, but also rigid darkness?

Vibrate/Sing: I Am The Light of Creation!

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*Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™️

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