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My 56/11 birthday in 2018/11

My 56/11 birthday in 2018/11

Today, August 6, 2018, I Am 56 years re-known; living this time in the life of Connie; An Eternal Being who has experienced far and wide. I share the Birth-day message, with you, I was given early this morning from my Spirit Guides: “Life is A Broken Line.”

What does it mean? “Life is a broken line!” we expect things will end or get better, or get worse; at the very least we await things to change from what they are, and they do, of sorts.

I asked my Messengers, “you mean like the broken lines down the middle of a road?” “No,” they said. “For there are many places a soul lives where there are no roads.” And they showed me a forest with trees of all heights and thickness; some fallen, and animals, insects, and birds – of all kinds, and dirt paths laden with fallen leaves, decayed to varying levels, and shades, of greens, browns and golden yellow-orange hues. And I was one with the Broken Path of that place and this one. This is but one mystery bar-on, The Broken Line of Life and Soul! ⥵⤁↬⤠ ?

Live On … ?????

~Connie Preston Parker | CCStarseed parables

Reborn everyday

Reborn everyday

my beloved

everyday you die. if you want to live and be well today, then decide that Today you will live and not die. untill the day you say, today I will die. and let yourself decay away.

“today I will live and not die!”

Cp/CCStarseeds parables

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