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What IS Change

What IS Change

Some things we think will never change:

”It will always be like this,” we think;

then in the fall and in the spring they do.

Some things, we can’t wait until they change,

and when they do, we find we can’t let them go.

Still other things become the long nightmare

or the sweet dream that dictates who we become;

always with us. Look seriously at what IS;

For we do not know when one thing or

another will slip away or stay frozen,

in mind time: love them,

each one and be at peace with what IS eternal.

~CCStarseeds parable

Hidden Light

Hidden Light

Your light shines brightly upon my face; glowing ambers heat, eyes closed with amber lights revealing. Clouds come and mask your heat from my sight; cooling and soothing as sliver strands shine through. I favor the sun and I favor the mask of protection from the blinding light. Oh you of daytime sun-time when the clouds roll in – take cover for the time is waxing short; your redemption draws near to you. Will you open your eyes and see the light for what it is, and is not? Truth is ever present to those who stop and see what is hidden.

ConniePrestonParker~CCStarseeds (parable)

Forever Everywhere

Forever Everywhere

Your holy presence can be anywhere. Is everywhere: In every smell, good or bad; Taste, sweet, sour, bitter, tangy, hot; The air, breeze, stillness, stuffy, hot, cool, cold. My senses see you in the smallest of details and grandest monuments. Your hands work magic painting the landscape of mind fields; of flowers, soil, waters, sunshine, moonlight; growth, life and shadows in the darkness to be wary and learn to be small and observant and understand all there is, was, and ever will be, everywhere. That, is you and me together forever. ~CCStarseeds