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Daily Date Message: 8/7/2017

Daily Date Message: 8/7/2017


Take a moment to meditate upon the flowing energy of today’s numbers; 8717. #8 Heaven and Earth meet. #7 Reflecting. #1 the path. #7 of peace and satisfaction. 

We don’t always need to reduce the date down further to get a clearer message, but today, on this powerful full moon #8 month, we should. Adding the reduced total 8+7+1+7=24, 2+4=6, gives us the #6.

6 – Our totality number; body, mind, soul meets Spirit, Higher-self, and Source. 

{In Ascension numerology there is no given way to get the numbers, the energy of your surroundings will give off the formula, follow your intuition. Today’s full moon in Summer is one such influence. Read more about Ascension numbers here}.


The 7s that show themselves on this full moon day reflect onto us the #8 Heavens and Earth. I picture the upside down hanged man tarot card or the Budha sitting under his tree – A time of laying all our earthly cares down, to just be with the powers of creation. 

Form a #7 mudras with your thumb and pointer finger, a powerful, loaded gun. Point it up to heaven swirling it counterclockwise in a spiral. Loading it with the virtue of creations power, filled with Source energy. When your mudra is full of power, reverse the flow towards your heart. With a clockwise rotation, universal potential moves into your heart. That drawn in from creation enters your heart and spreads through your body – down within, solar plexus, sacral, and root – to legs, feet and surrounding earth. Also, the power moves up, from the heart, into throat, nose-breath, eyes, mind. Overflowing, out, through ears and crown. Around the top of your head and surrounding space of Spirit, all about the full length and width of your aura, a bright beautifully lit white light surrounds and comforts you.

 Rest in the power of knowing, you are loved and protected by All of Creation.