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Daily Date Message: 7/13/2017

Daily Date Message: 7/13/2017


In our heart we know what is right for us – But in the body we need to practice following our spiritual truth. 

Vibrate/Sing: I always stand in my Spiritual Truth!

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Daily Date Message: 5-20-2017*

Daily Date Message: 5-20-2017*

Today’s date 5+20/2+1=8

Grab ahold of your heart and do what it takes to learn how to love your self. You R Eternal – Your own Best Partner. -CCStarseeds✨

Pathways: Looking inside our heart is not always easy when we have been wounded by others; but our life depends on it. To fulfill our mission we must become stronger than our outer circumstances. We must rely on our self to love ourself, unconditionally. No body else, in a body, can do that for us. 

Vibrate/Sing: I Look inside my heart and find Love! 

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