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Daily Date Message: 8/10/2017

Daily Date Message: 8/10/2017


The #10 paths of faith have surfaced: We can’t help but to have faith in this #8 month. And all ends well with 10 reducing to #1. New beginnings are planted and rooted all in one day.

What harvest will come your way by the seeds put to the ground today? Things are happening fast. And you may think you can’t keep up with all the ups and downs and all around, that is all around you right now. But you will and you can. Just as you always have. You are Eternal!


All is well with my soul. For I am a living well full of water and emotions. Water brings life to a hot and thirsty land turning seeds planted in wells to puddles of moist soil. I Am the water bringer – to the seeds that are planted today for my soul. For tomorrow, when the sun comes out, the seeds will burst forth for life. I will be there to tend them until the harvest. 

We know not what tomorrow brings. We must have faith. We will sprout. With the rain and dirt turning to mud. And the sun that bakes us. We need it all to grow. 



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