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Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Seventeen

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Seventeen

The Best Of Both Worlds

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After having been a star in the sky with Tilikum in the morning, on the second day of his physical death, he came to me in the evening, while I practiced yoga. He rode in within the music playing through my earbuds and opened my heart to him.

I received the overwhelming sense that he was mourning the loss of the music and dance and applause of happy people. He didn’t admit this to me, or perhaps even himself, but at the moment he came to me the feeling of the music changed from meditative in nature to crowd-pleasing. I heard people giggling and clapping, like what would be in a theme park.

During this visit, Tilikum’s feelings had drastically swung from the morning’s. He perceived that he had what he had wanted out of life. He was content, for that moment, that whatever he had lost in freedoms was worth the fun of the show.

Then noticing my observation of him, we were flooded with a changed mood of regret. That he couldn’t have enjoyed his time in life, not marked by mental confusion, lack of understanding and a body racked with the pain of sickness and loneliness. He somberly showed me his sheer simple pleasure at children excitedly jumping up and down and laughing, and the people standing and the applause after he had performed. It was at those times he was happy and proud. He was trying to understand the meaning of his life.

I couldn’t help but think about what Heavenly Father had told him during their time together, “Whales don’t need to be touched by humans.” My ordinary senses tell me, based on that statement and my personal observations, that maybe that’s because whales were not meant to be in captivity. They were meant to be free to roam the vast open seas. All these facts didn’t add up in my mind. I had to see where this would go, and hope I would know what to do.

Not interacting with me, but rather being involved in self-absorption and the planning of his next move, made me a mere spectator to an immortal soul rationalizing after a life death.

Tilikum’s next notion came through as authoritative and with a great sense of confidence and conviction. His overwhelming desire at that moment was to come back again, in a few years time, when humankind has developed an appreciation for the magnificence of the dragon!

Breaking his internal inquiry, I asked him, why he used the term dragon and not whale. He said, “Search yourself, do you not feel the dragon blood coursing through your DNA?” I turned inward and did feel that long ago strand of creation existence. As of late, I had been sensing the dragon energy in the earth and stars and me and everyone, so this was no surprise. It was only unexpected that he brought it up at this time and felt it himself.

“The dragon blood gives rise and fall to fire and heat and power and determination. Dragon blood knows no boundaries. It does not easily suffer, it will not be kept down, and it will rise again no matter what its defeats may seem. It is only made stronger in every battle it fights!” Tilikum proclaimed to the heavens and earth.

I kept silent and still as Tilikum reclaimed his power from creation. I raised an eyebrow in absolute bewilderment as Tilikum continued.

“Dragons were the first ones here on earth, the ancient before ancient was a word or a person or a time. They were here when the earth was a fireball. Before the dinosaurs, the floods or the ice ages,  the dragon lived and conquered and never died. They live on in the whales as well as me and you.”

As Tilikum carried his future on the courage and strength of the dragon, he plotted that he will come back again, in another life, and be stronger than he was in this one.

As Tilikum schemed, a dozen questions coursed through my mind at once. Are the dragons something to fear or praise? Are they a part of us all, and if they exist still, in our blood and bones, should we fear, praise or embrace them in ourselves?

The yin and the yang, the dark and the light, come alive inside each of us when we hold together all the parts of who we are. We are eternal souls who have lived in various regions of the galaxies and times and spaces.

Is the dragon race a part of that light and dark space? Are they good or bad? Are we good, bad, both or neither? Are they only from Earth, somewhere else, or do they have the capacity to travel all the stars and galaxies as Tilikum seemed to suggest in his declarations?

During this visit, while I continued my yoga and listening to the music, a stringed instrumental song came on called, Hallelujah, by Josh Vientiane’s, on the album, Best Of Both Worlds. Tilikum, still discerning and riding on my movements, became melancholy with the tune, moaning, “I didn’t do that too well!”

“What?” I asked. Thinking, here it is. The reason for an underlying discord I had felt from him earlier in his expressed jubilations of the fanfare.

“Have the best of both worlds. I want to do that, have the best of both worlds. It’s so much fun on earth, but it’s peaceful here knowing that everything happens for a reason and what that reason is. I want to have fun on earth and know what I know being here. Can I do that? How do I do that?”

As Tilikum ranted to me, convincing himself more with each statement and question that he wanted both, he began rising into the ethers. Before he had finished his litany to me, himself, and creation, he was almost out of my visual spiritual sight. I watched him float, up, up and away. I let him go knowing he knew what he was doing, or that there was some higher power, angels or beings, who were taking care of him.

When we are in spirit, we are never left alone or in ignorance. What Tilikum wanted was to have that spiritual assurance in life, unlike his just lived one. I too can remember a time when I felt lost and alone, abused and unloved. A time before I knew how to access Heaven and have: The Best Of Both Worlds.

To be Continued:

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