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Invisible People

Invisible People

Like, Gecko on tree trunk brown, leaf green, invisible to passer by; “don’t see me” hunted and afraid humanoids lay awake.

Become the rose bush; flowers budding, open, beautiful, thorny stems, handle gently. ~CCStarseeds



When we let go of what, in our minds, should have been, and allow what is destined to be, we heal and become who we intended. ~CCStarseeds

Be Blessed BeLoves, UR Love and Loved


Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension! 

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Daily Date Message: 8/17/2017

Daily Date Message: 8/17/2017


Today #8s are connecting us to Everything – And along with, #1 paths, and #7 rest, peace and reflection, today may have us in parallel time loop realities. Meaning, Creation energy is high today! What we think about we instantly create. Mind your thoughts and Create big: Positive dreams come true. Healing for your body and mind. Stay in the NOW: BE …(BreathE, BalancE, BelievE)!


I think about, therefore create good things in my life. I am alive, and well-being permeates me! My soul is flowing in Universal Consciousness. Universal Source moves in and through-out me. I Am healthy and whole. 

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Consciously Creating Starseeds for Ascension™
Daily Date Message: 8/4/2017

Daily Date Message: 8/4/2017

Sit. And connect in with: How are you relating to: Being where you are, Right now! ****

8+4+1(2017)=13/4 as you can see we have #8, connection to Source, and #4 grounding, stability or season.

Then the sum of the month, day and year (8+4+1) total #13; path-way (1) and personal, physical life (3).

#13 reduced 1+3=#4.

So we have #4 as the total sum of today’s energy; #84134 being the focus for us in this #1 year of planning and new beginnings.

I sit and stand in the presence of the All Mighty – I Am. I Am, I Am. I Am Focused on being in this moment of time and creation, a part of it All. I Am! 

If we wanted to break it down even further we could add #84134 together and get #20; Love your Journey?

Perhaps you too could take a moment or two or more – to BE in this moment of ALL. And you are a part of the ALL, every moment of every day and time. And of the no time presences – Eternity.

As you can see there are many ways to interpret the #s. There is no right or wrong way. Just what it means to you, and that you are encouraged and grow; Ascend in each new day. 

You can get started understanding ‘Numbers for Ascension’ by reading a short blog at this link


Consciously Creating StarSeeds for Ascension™

Daily Date Message: 7/9/2017

Daily Date Message: 7/9/2017


When we have done all we can do – We have done all we need to do – Have faith. 

Vibrate/Sing: I have faith. I have done all I need to do! 


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