Ascension 3.16.2018.1

As we Ascend, we are moving into more love. ~CCStarSeeds

Life isn’t always easy, at each moment, happenstance, we are given the opportunity to choose how we will move: In love, understanding and forgiveness, determined to grow, or in hate, ignorance and a hardness that destroys.

You have been through a lot to get to where you are today. The door stands wide open for you to walk through; it is a new birthing that awaits you on the other side. Step into Love.

2018 Vision for Ascension

The passing year of 2017 evaluated:

As 2017 comes to a close, Great Spirit is asking us to take some time to pray and meditate on this past year asking – What can I glean 🤔 from all that has happened in it?

2017: 2+0+1+7=10/1 interpreted:

#2 – Our Love life, family and friendships, work relations, and Partnerships;

Were in  #0 – question or beginning anew for many of us. We were being asked to look at those in our life, and evaluate our relationships with All.

#1 – Our paths throughout the year;

#7 – Had us looking at all the creative forces in our life and determining if they are good or bad for us; Do they lead to our Ascension?

Finally, in summary, the sum #10 of 2017 had our path uncertain; Even though we knew as straight as an arrow, reduced to #1 our path would be made clear.

We are moving towards an #11 year (2018=11) 🔛 Doors of spirituality will open in this year. All the things we went through, and learned, from (2016=10/1: the path of faith ➕ the unknown reasons of why certain things had to happen as they did) will manifest into waking knowledge in 2018!

We are spiritual beings and only by continuously growing in spirit can we walk in our destiny of bringing Heaven to Earth in our cycles of life!

In 2018 (2+0+1+8=11/2)

Our #2 – Relationships continue to need our #0 – faith, and new births are still likely, as we travel on our #1 – path. However, instead of #7- of assessing of 2017, the #8 in 2018- will have us looking skyward for connections that lead us through, #11 – doors and gateways of #2 – true love and partnerships that connect us to Source, Awakenings, and Ascension.

 #11 Doors, of #2 Love, open to Broad Skies:

A Vision

A man (masculine commanding energy) stands on an airport runway; (our means of traveling). With an orange; (inspired, creative energy with a feeling of well-being) vest; (solar plexus/heart, strength, and command, in love, covers and protects us). And two bright red (root earth energy and security) reflection directing batons; (what we put out comes back at us), one in each hand (working together), motioning us to take off at full speed!

Ascend to Ascension, fly High into the vastness of open blue (communication) skies of Infinity! 2018=11/2

Read how to read the numbers for Ascension.

Practice becomes a lifestyle for the Ascension Process!

#CCStarseeds ✨Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™

Daily Date Message: 10/13/2017


We #10 travel a path of giving birth to – #13 how do we take care of ourself. As we discover the way for us, we find #4 stability and experience #6  who we are, body soul mind/spirit heart creation.

How do you take care of your physical earthly plains body? Are there things you need to change, to make yourself more balanced? How can you improve your living patterns to make a difference, to bring increased harmony into your life?

Vibrate/Sing: I give birth to new ideas on how to improve my health and well being. I Am… Alive and Vibrant!


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Daily Date Messages:10/10/2017


Today we celebrate #3-life! We are on our #111-way path! Don’t worry about what you will do or say… just keep going… Live!

Vibrate/Sing:  111/3 – Straight as an arrow I know my way! I never get lost, for I Am on a journey to LIVE! #CCStarseeds🐝

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Daily Date Message:10/1/2017


This #10 month, in a #1 year teaches us that we must BE on a path of faith to find our way. On this #1 day, we are asked to take a #12 journey inside our own #3 heart; Making our plans to look profoundly at how we are living – in regards to faith, while on our life path. What do you believe your life purpose is? Are you living in your destination by faith every day?

Vibrate/Sing: I Am… At my Destination, each and every day! I Am… Where I belong! 


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Daily Date Message: 9/30/2017


Today is about #9 completely being in the #30 birth of a new self and being in the #4 season of the last day of #9 September. Our #13 path of self realization brings us #4 stability for tomorrow …

Vibrate/Sing: I trust in the process of my own evolution. I learn and grow everyday. I am stable and sure my path leads to a firm foundation.


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Daily Date Message: 9/29/2017


When we think about this #9 month in this #1 year we will always remember this day; not the last day, however the last Friday and working day for most. #29, #11, #2; Today, #29 gives to us the vibration of #2 love and the #11 doorway to enter. #9 is a completion of a cycle of figuring out who we are in some areas of our life. And we have two of them in todays flow! Coming to a close we take the path of Love #12 and find our #3 self. How do we implement our feelings of love – for All of who we are into our everyday work week? We …


I Am All that I Am – In this Moment. I Am becoming more of what I Am – with every thought. I Am Love – All the time! 


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