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Daily Date Message: 8/1/2017

Daily Date Message: 8/1/2017

We leave behind the month of 7, and of going into deep reflection about our self. We now are asked to embrace the things we have learned and seek unification with Divine Sources.

Today’s day, the #1 day of the #8 month is about the path we set for ourselves and this life. We have come into this life for a purpose. This month the energy will assist us in making attachments with Sources from Heaven.

The sum of today’s energy: 8+1+1(2017)=10/1, #811101

All great and good things come into our life, when we, as straight as an arrow, shoot through the doors of Heaven. 

Let’s not completely throw out the #0 in 10 though. It does take a measure of faith to get to know who we are as a Heavenly Created being on a mission.

I Live Heaven on Earth! 

Becomes our motto – for Ascension – into who we are – Eternal Beings.

Seek, and you will find – your eternal-self, could be another.


ConniePrestonParker & AscensionSeedsNetwork

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