2018 Vision for Ascension

The passing year of 2017 evaluated:

As 2017 comes to a close, Great Spirit is asking us to take some time to pray and meditate on this past year asking – What can I glean 🤔 from all that has happened in it?

2017: 2+0+1+7=10/1 interpreted:

#2 – Our Love life, family and friendships, work relations, and Partnerships;

Were in  #0 – question or beginning anew for many of us. We were being asked to look at those in our life, and evaluate our relationships with All.

#1 – Our paths throughout the year;

#7 – Had us looking at all the creative forces in our life and determining if they are good or bad for us; Do they lead to our Ascension?

Finally, in summary, the sum #10 of 2017 had our path uncertain; Even though we knew as straight as an arrow, reduced to #1 our path would be made clear.

We are moving towards an #11 year (2018=11) 🔛 Doors of spirituality will open in this year. All the things we went through, and learned, from (2016=10/1: the path of faith ➕ the unknown reasons of why certain things had to happen as they did) will manifest into waking knowledge in 2018!

We are spiritual beings and only by continuously growing in spirit can we walk in our destiny of bringing Heaven to Earth in our cycles of life!

In 2018 (2+0+1+8=11/2)

Our #2 – Relationships continue to need our #0 – faith, and new births are still likely, as we travel on our #1 – path. However, instead of #7- of assessing of 2017, the #8 in 2018- will have us looking skyward for connections that lead us through, #11 – doors and gateways of #2 – true love and partnerships that connect us to Source, Awakenings, and Ascension.

 #11 Doors, of #2 Love, open to Broad Skies:

A Vision

A man (masculine commanding energy) stands on an airport runway; (our means of traveling). With an orange; (inspired, creative energy with a feeling of well-being) vest; (solar plexus/heart, strength, and command, in love, covers and protects us). And two bright red (root earth energy and security) reflection directing batons; (what we put out comes back at us), one in each hand (working together), motioning us to take off at full speed!

Ascend to Ascension, fly High into the vastness of open blue (communication) skies of Infinity! 2018=11/2


Read how to read the numbers for Ascension.

Practice becomes a lifestyle for the Ascension Process!

#CCStarseeds ✨Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™

Daily Date Message: 2-7-2017

Today’s date: 2+7+1=10/1

Are we walking in unconditional love? When we do the outward sign will be faith unconditional. Faith that our loved ones are taken care of, that we are taken care of . . .

Love Resting in our Path is Faith Uncondtional.



  • Am I resting in faith in my daily walk? If not:
  • In regards to my love walk, What is one thing I seem to stress over regularly?
  • How can I let go of stress and disbelief in at least one area of my life, that prevents me from loving unconditionally?
  • What things do I do that bring me more faith and peace in my life? How can I do more of those today?

Vibrate/Sing: I walk my life path in love therefore, faith comes easily to me!

ConniePrestonParker.com/ CCStarseeds
*Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™

Daily Date Message: 2-5-2017

Today’s date: 2+5+1=8

Moves and aligns us with our life purpose, be expecting some signs from Heaven today.

Love Moves you Into your Destiny. -CCStarseeds✨


  • Am I open to hearing from Heaven today concerning my life purpose?
  • Am I allowing myself to listen to the truth and not just what I want to hear?
  • Am I willing to follow all the directions I feel are in my best interest, even the hard ones, or just the ones I think are easiest?
  • Am I ignoring my real truth life purpose, because it is more convenient to do that than follow the path of true love in oneness?

Vibrate/Sing: I Move in Love into My Destiny!

ConniePrestonParker.com/ CCStarseeds
*Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™️

Daily Date Message: 2-4-2017

Today’s date: 2+4+1=7

As we go through this day, what are we doing to bring peace unspeakable into our lives, this is today’s reflection.

Love seasoned Along your path Brings a peace that Surpasses all Understanding.



  • What am I doing today to bring more love into my life?
  • How can I reflect more on this day, how am I residing in love, in my life?
  • How can I bring more love into a peacefulness of life, a carefree spirit about me?

Vibrate/Sing: Love resides in my life today!

ConniePrestonParker.com/ CCStarseeds
*Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™️

Daily Date Message: 2-2-2017

Today’s date: 2+2+1=5

When love is the motivator to move us into the path of walking, with God, we are then in unity to all we are.

Two Hearts Operating as One Is the Power of Us and God/Source Moving together!



  • Do I feel the love of God in my heart, is Creation a part of my being?
  • What is one thing I can do at this moment to connect in with God/ Source/ Creation?
  • What brings me a unified feeling towards myself and Creation?
  • What can I do to express the sense of Oneness to someone in my life today?

Vibrate/Sing: I Move As One With God/Source/Creation!

ConniePrestonParker.com/ CCStarseeds
*Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™️

Daily Date Blog: 1-2-2017

Daily Date for 1-2-2017(1)

Today is a 2 day + a 1 month + a 1 year: Added together today’s sum = 4.

The Path of Love is the True Path! There is no other way to know, any knowledge of anything, anyone, or our real life purpose, except to Love in every season!

– In this number One (1) year, and One month,  we are aware, we should focus on our destiny this year. Today, the second day of this 1 year we acknowledge we are love and loved. 

  • What are we doing, or not doing that we should, that will lead us to our true potential?
  • How can we focus on Love in every decision that comes our way?
  • Who are those people in our life who affect our paths?
  • Who in our life do we affect?

Vibrate: I Am – stable and loving in all my relationships!

*Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™️

Daily Date Blog: 1-1-2017

2017 when added together and reduced = 2+0+1+7=10/1; a number One year.

This year will bring many opportunities in our life! In Fact, each day will present choices to us, and our actions to each one will dictate the next presented moment.

In, One number years, we should concentrate on our paths. Straight as an arrow we should focus our intention on, New Beginnings that improve our life!

A full assessment is called for, in each day/path/choice presented.
*It is a good year to have the motto, out with the old that no longer serves my higher good.
*Give ourselves fresh new starts and approaches to our outlook on our life purpose.
*What do we want to accomplish?
*Am I happy with all the aspects of my life?
*What can I change?
*What can I rearrange to suit my desires better?

Set an intention for the year to find and follow the many paths in the seasons ahead that bring you joy and love!

Today in particular 1-1-1; is the Day of The Path Choice!
*What are your intentions for this year?

1+1+1=3; This day also calls for self awareness:

*What does your body need to be healthy and happy?

Paths/Gateway of the road/path/way is many choices/decisions/paths and the gateway to ascension – the AscensionSeeds to awakening into the light and love of heaven on earth and beyond!

*Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™️