10:10 Path of the Unknown

Messages From Time 10:10

Messages From Time 10:10


A path of uncertainty: Points towards faith🌀

I believe All Things Are working together for my good🙏

As Hummingbirds fly from flower to flower; Always or never satisfied; I fly from fragrant, nectar-filled blossoms … and I Am nourished, and spawn new births … #CCStarseeds.

How to hear from Oracles: What’s going on Around and Inside of you when you get that feeling; This Is Important, This Means Something! Everything becomes a part of the reading: Talk or a song on the radio, thoughts you are having, a conversation you hear, numbers, letters or words you are drawn to … Everything...

Following are possible points to ponder about the energy of 1o:10 👣
  • Explore multiple paths before making a decision.
  • You are multi-talented, you can do it all!
  • Your path is up in the air at this time.
  • Be patient and alert – ready to choose what path you will take.
  • You have two paths before you that are adventurous, and you may take both, but don’t overdo.
  • Short-term plans are best for now; Big changes with new ideas are on there way.
  • What you are being presented may be a problem. Be careful.
  • Enjoy where you are; Be Happy Go Lucky! Have fun with a new adventure or two that suddenly pop up in your life.
  • Have fun – No Worries!
  • Go baby go, around and around!


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