Guided Spiritual Hypnosis

Guided Spiritual Hypnosis

Past-Life & Spiritual Hypnosis Sessions

Let your Higher-Self show you one or more Past Lifetimes (PL) and know why some events or things keep occurring in your This Life. Learn why people that are in your life are, and what your obligation to them is. Get insights into recurring pains or illnesses. And much more.

Or perhaps you could benefit from a Between Life (Spiritual) Hypnosis. Often time a PL hypnosis will lead into a Spiritual Regression, but you could request it be a part of a PL or Only Spiritual in nature.

During a Spiritual Regression Hypnosis, you will be guided to the times before a life, this one or other PL, during the life planning stages, when you are in Spiritual Form, and get information that can assist you in the here and now.

For Spiritual and Past Life Regression Sessions over Skype, It is recommended, but not mandatory, that you have some experience in relaxation practice, like meditation, biofeedback, or some other method of allowing yourself to remain open.

The more practice you have with relaxing and allowing and going into a meditative state – the more time we can spend in exploring yourself in other dimensions.

I have provided an online intake form that, after you fill in and submit, I will go over and get back with you, and discuss your needs and availability; This cuts down on pre-talk time and saves you money.

I have also prepared a “How to Prepare for your Skype Hypnosis” documentation that cuts down on prep time for your session. You will feel prepared and confident when your time comes.

I also allow and encourage we converse by email, text or Messenger a few days before your booked appointment time, at that time I will answer questions or address concerns you may have, that was not covered in the documentation, or in our appointment setting conversation.

During a first session Hypnosis, I will remind and walk you through the whole process. I understand how scary the unknown can be. However, due to the required personal prep work and after session discussion time needed, a first PL or Spiritual Hypnosis session requires a Minimum of 2 hours. But, because of our pre-session preparations, this is still a shorter time span than usual for this type of Hypnosis; Usually after that first sessions, as little as 1 hour can accommodate an adventurous outcome.

My rates for Past life and Spiritual Hypnoses are $240 an hour.

Read how to get ready for a Skype Hypnosis session

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