Custom Designed Spiritual Consultations & Services:

Based on where you presently are — and where you WANT or NEED to go next in the Ascension Process.

You may benefit from a Spiritual Reading, Attunement, or Clearing; Or Perhaps a Spiritual Hypnosis session? 

I use a mirage of healing modalities as guided by my Spirit Guides, your Guides, Angels and our Higher-Selves; An Internal and External Spiritual Guiding. See My Credentials Here.

You can contact me through the contact form below and let me know what kind of a reading you feel you are needing or if you have questions. Or go to the individual Intake forms (Links Below) fill out the Questionnaire and submit there.

You will be contacted, usually within forty-eight hours Monday-Friday. We can then discuss your needs, available time slots for an appointment, and other instructions, if we feel led to work together. Antialiasing consultation of up to 20 minuts free.

Sessions are done remotely via, Phone, Skype, Messenger, Facetime, Text or Email. Professional – Customized, Personal, Spiritual Readings and Hypnosis sessions are approx. $1.50 – $2.00 per minute as agreed upon at the time of booking or as advertised.

Things that affect price are the: Type of Session, day, time, and length of session and means of delivery; The amount of Energy expended to deliver.

 Hypnosis Session Intake Form:  Past Life, Life Between Lives, Regression or Life Improvement Hypnosis – or Guided Meditation.

Oracle Readings