Oracle Readings

Oracle Readings

Personalized Oracle Reading

I share Oracle Readings Around the world via Videos, Blogs, Zoom, Phone, and in person at some Events in the San Antonio & Austin Texas area. To see more follow this site via email notification or Like/Follow my Facebook page ConniePrestonParker @CCStarseeds

Some Oracles I use for reception of Channeled Messages; how They and I can effectively communicate with one another are:

*Crystals/Stones/ Crystal Balls
*Oracle/Tarot/Angel Card Decks
*Automatic writing
*Downloads of codes & Information (Channeling)
*Animal Totems Communication
*Angels communication (from All bands)
*Ascended Masters communication
*Personal Spiritual Guides & Councils
*Passed over Loved Ones

If you would like a private reading you can contact me for available appointment times via, Contact form or email me at, or, Message me on facebook @Connie Preston Parker

Determined by your circumstances, needs, desires, or questions, I will psychically connect with those Spiritual Beings who have a message for you; These are but a few considerations that define who will step forward to deliver you a word. Moreover, Each Oracle Reading is different, we don’t know, and can’t plan, for what Spirit will reveal when we open up and listen to the wisdom provided from Above. We ask and receive in Faith.

I look forward to working with you for your Ascension into greater Awakenings.
Many Blessings

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