Getting Ready for your Skype Hypnosis/Meditation Session

The NEXT ➡️ step to having a wonderful adventure in a Guided Meditation/Hypnosis session read 🔛 Things you need to know to get ready for your Skype Hypnosis or Meditation Session?

Congratulations: You are in for a Journey of LifeTimes! By having your Skype or telephone, Guided Meditation or Hypnosis session in the privacy of your own home and sanctuary space, you are imprinting and merging your material place, with that of Spirit and Truth, who you have always been.

Your hypnosis session will be tailor created using the information you provided on the Intake Form. Please make sure you have answered the questions as thoroughly as possible and added any info you may feel is relevant to your desired outcome. If you have any other ideas or concerns that come up, after you have submitted your intake form, please free to email me anytime:

For your session we will use Skype:

-Please have the app installed on your smart device or computer, and tested for availability on your network, etc. and that I know your User information for calling you at the appointed time.

-I will need to be able to see your face and upper body, at minimal, to monitor your breathing, enabling me to assess your level of relaxation; I suggest you have some way of propping up or mounting your, Skype-enabled device facing where you will be reclining. Also, It is advisable but not mandatory; you wear a connected headset or earbuds with a mic. during the session; for an optimal sense of privacy within the hypnotic experience, and to allow me to hear you better.

My recommendations

Sacred Space:

Make the place where you will participate a comfortable and Holy place that you can return to for future meditations or hypnosis. We are creatures of habit. And, when we connect with Source Spiritual Energy that Power Remains in the form of residual energy that we can connect with at will.

-Relaxing fragrances of Aromatherapy can help bring in more peace, well-being, and relaxation; And cleans the room of negative energy, inviting in peace and relaxation. For obvious safety reasons, I do not recommend candles during extended closed eyes meditations like Hypnosis/Guided Meditations.


-Laying down on a bed, or cot, or a mat, or blanket on the floor, or reclining in a recliner, or a comfortable chair with ottoman, or zero gravity lawn chair – is preferable to a sitting straight up position for hypnosis and Guided Meditations. When we feel safe, we can explore the unknown more easily. That being said: If you fall asleep quickly and deeply, you should not be too comfortable, as if going to bed for the night.

Be Comfortable and relaxed:

-You may want to have a blanket to cover with or pillows under your head or knees.

-Wear comfy, cozy clothing, little or no makeup, hair loose or put up out of the way. The closer your mind relates to “I Am relaxed and free to be me” the more you can be at ease. This time is about you and your well-being. Nothing else.

-No stimulants (caffeine, sugars, chocolates, etc.) 3-5 or more hours before the session.

-A warm calming and relaxing aromatherapy salt bath beforehand is a pleasant option and one of the many benefits of having your session done in the privacy and convenience of your home sanctuary.

-Let people who may try to call you or come by during your session know you will be unavailable for a span of time.

-Be prepared – in your mind to – let “All Outside Noises pass you by; they are unimportant at this time, Unless it is an emergency, then you will become fully alert!” Let the phone ring, if it does, and go to voicemail. Let the doorbell ring; they will come back. Let the kids, if safe to do so, make their noises. Of course, it is preferable to have no interruptions. But just in case, be mentally prepared to; Let it Go. No Worries!

-I usually don’t use background music during the sessions; Angels, Spiritual Guides and Ascended Masters channel their work through me and interjected energetic codes come through my voice. However, we do offer personalized intention specific Arch Angel Metatron (and many other Ascended Masters and Guides) Inspired, Bible-based binaural attunement meditation tones/songs that I recommend listening to before and after each session, or anytime you wish to amplify your hypnosis or meditation experience. If you would like to have your very own custom-made self-energizing attunement tone, please let me know. Or you may want to have your own relaxation music playing before, during and or after your session.

The day before our appointment:

I will text you to confirm date and time and to make sure we agree and that I have all the information from you that I need. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, for me, we can discuss these via text at this time.

The day of the session:

1. 30 minutes before the scheduled visit I will text you to make sure you are almost ready. At that time, please let me know via return text that you will be on time for our call together.

2. Go to your designated space for the session and begin your cleansing or purification and relaxation rituals; letting your mind and body ready for what your Angels, Guides, and Higher-self want to reveal to you today.

3. Open Skype app, make sure you are logged in, and that it is working correctly. Please provide ample lighting for me to see you, to monitor the depth of breath and relaxation level, on Skype. Not too bright not too dark, but just right:]

4. Connect, and put on headphones or earbuds with a mic. If desirable. RELAX and BE (BreathE, BalancE, BelievE; Just BE in this Moment) and await my call.

You are all set up outwardly – Now relax internally – Breathing in Relaxation and Breathing Out all Tension and Worry.

The more relaxed you are, when we began, the faster you will enter the Alpha brainwave state accessing your subconscious, Higher-self and or Angels and Guides and get the answers you seek.

When I call you on Skype:

Please answer the Skype call with your earphones on and connected, if available. Mic earplugs allow you to respond hands-free, and if we get disconnected during the session to quickly answer my call back with the push of the button. In my experience, corded are preferable and more reliable than Bluetooth, but whatever you prefer. (If we get disconnected, don’t stress, continue to BE and I will call you back shortly. Answer the call, and we will continue…

Lie down in your prepared spot for the session, whatever is most comfortable for you, with no fear of falling, making yourself comfortable and relaxed! I will make the initial connection at the appointed time. We will begin with your eyes opened and make sure of our contact and line of sight. When we are both satisfied with the outcome, we will start the meditation/hypnosis session.

Each person and every session is unique depending on the needs at the time of hypnosis; results will vary and may not be as expected. Have an open mind and faith; you will receive what you need most at the time of the session.

I will only make positive, beneficial suggestions to you based on our previously agreed upon outline of the desired outcome. You will not do or say anything that you do not want to express.

It is advisable that your session is audio recorded, it will contain vast amounts of information that you may not assimilate fully during the meeting. There are apps available that will allow you to Tape The Call so that you can hear both sides of the conversation. Or you may use another device and record only your side of the communication.

For a small fee, $10.00, I can record it for you: If you would like for me to tape the session, I use the Apple App. “Tape A Call” and it will record both mine and your voice. Later, usually within 48 hours, I will email you a Dropbox link, which you can open, download and save to a file somewhere. Please, do retain it someplace you have access to; I only keep the recording for a limited time, depending on my available data space.

I look forward to working with you on this next phase of Awakening and Ascension.

Many Blessings,