Dreaming Answers

Dreaming Answers

Getting answers to your questions:

  • Repeatedly ask your question before going to sleep and expect an answer in your dreams.
  • Be ready to do what it takes to remember your dreams.
  • Get enough sleep each night. When we are rested, and not fatigued, our mind can work on the assigned problem and not need to sleep from exhaustion.
  • Make your bedroom a sanctuary, the space above your bed opening doorways to the World of Spirit and Truth.
  • Do house clearings using: Prayer, AA Michaell, stones, smudging or other cleansing agents regularly.
  • Pray: Call on Angels and God/Universal Source/Love each night before sleep, to watch over and assist you with Ascension messages in your dreams.
  • Sleep with crystals and stones by the bed or under your pillow. Various crystals and stones offer different benefits, do some research before deciding what to place in your bedroom altar.
  • Wear a comfortable sleep mask; this becomes symbolic for “I am ready to go into the darkness where the truth lies buried.”
  • Have a fan on to drown out outside noise and for cooling, piling on soft, comfy coverings. We sleep/hibernate better when we are on the cold side.
  • Meditative music may be appropriate. I find that for ‘Dream Answers’ I don’t like playing music. But that’s just the way I work. However, I do use it in other ways, to get answers.
  • Turn into bed early, before your usual bedtime, so you will not fall to sleep right away.
  • Do some deep breathing. And relax all your muscles. All the while repeating your question in your mind, like a mantra, until falling asleep.
  • Sometimes drinking enough water, about a cup is all it takes for me, to make yourself have to get up and urinate in the night so that you can jot down a few notes to what you were dreaming.
  • Have a notepad with clip-on reading light, next to the bed for jotting down a few notes during the night without having to come fully awake.
  • Plan to fill in the gaps of your nightly handwritten notes as soon as you wake in the morning. Sometimes I will lay there a while longer and gather the pieces of the interpretive dream before recording to paper or electronic journal.
  • You may need to set your alarm to wake earlier than usual if you start your day on the run.
  • Research the meanings of your dreams symbols; Do an Internet search or purchase books that appeal to you.
  • Learn how your subconscious interprets things, and take notice of your emotions to each scene during the dream. And remember it’s all symbolic and open to interpretation.

A few common dream elements: 

Observe the scenery and how you felt and interacted with it. (See Looking for a restroom below as an example).

Looking for a restroom, or sitting on a commode may come up in your dreams, even if you really needed to urinate, don’t discount that, it still could be a part of your answer.

Some things to note:

  • Are things coming out of me messy or clean and orderly?
  • What do I think about my insides right now?
  • How am I processing?
  • How did the restroom look, was it dirty, clean, was the commode falling through the floor?
  • Could you not find the bathroom, was the line long to get into a stall?
  • Did you have to share the booth with others?
  • How did you feel about all of this?

Water usually represents emotions. The quality of the water is how deep or wide or wavy or dirty your emotions are about your question.

Transportations: Bike, car, bus, plane, boat, by foot, etc. Is how you are moving through life concerning the question; Are you moving fast, slow, dangerously, alone or with other people in your mode of transportation?

Are all the people representative of different aspects of you, or is there a Guide or teacher in one or more of the players. Pay attention to how you feel in your dream about each aspect and make a special note of this. All of these things and more play a role in the answers to your questions.

Practice with different technics and Oracles until finding what works. And, don’t ever give up!

*(Oracle: Anything or means of ways to hear messages from Spirit – music, stones, crystals, tarot cards, breath work, etc.)

Happy Dream Journaling . . .


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