Any and all content; Parables, Stories, Spiritual Journey Entries, Sayings, Informational Teachings, Channeled information, etcetera under the titles: Ascension Seeds…, Star-Seeded Ascensions, CCStarseeds™️, Connie Preston Parker, Connie Parker, CrystalPowerExpert, and any other title used by the authors of this site are subject to the interpretations, beliefs, outlook, mood and concepts of you the individual reader, therfore – the writers of these blogs are not responsible for how they are interpreted.

They are meant for entertainment and or enlightenment purposes, to encourage the Distinct Soul of each reader for private revelations, Awakenings and Ascensions into Love, Light and Unity of All, for this Earth-time and beyond!

You are advised to study and grow spiritually at your own unique pace;
And to seek professional: spiritual, physiological, psychiatric, or
medical attention when called for in your life-path.

Be @ Peace with yourself and your beliefs! 

Be Blessed Be-Loved; You R Loved!

#CCStarseeds~ Consiously Creating Star-Seeds for Acension™️Q

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