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Hell Needs Your Help

Hell Needs Your Help

I have been to Hell and back on a few occasions.

It is not a place I like to visit, but it is a necessity at times.

Many souls go to Hell because they think they must; they were told, because they did evil, that they would spend eternity in Hell and so they plan to and do so.

Moreover, Hell is an invented place for humans who need to believe in a place of torment; A place they will go if they are not good, a place for those who have hurt them or others. A place for the evil doer!

Also sadly, I once saw the soul of a baby sent to Hell by parents believing, that because the child died before a spiritual ritual was enacted, it would go to Hell, and they held it there by their belief.

As a result, many souls believe they should go to Hell when their physical body dies, therefore did and still do, and yes some of them are pretty nasty. But even for these souls, there is a better way; A healing process and transformation they can go through with Heavenly assistance to be made whole and healed and sweet; full of Love and Light.

Many life-form souls that commit despicable acts are fragmented or had a rejection to the DNA body host they entered into in the womb. Much is being done in the spirit world to help to heal these anomalies.

Brilliant minds are being born that hold the keys to DNA and its manipulation for transformational healing. We now have medications that assist the body soul communion. Antidepressants, bipolar, ADHD and others medicines and the return of the knowledge of all natural herbal remedies are moving into the lime life for our assistance. As a result, we are much more informed today. And we will continue to be given the answers for overall well-being that we need to ascend into enlightened beings of love with a balanced body, mind, soul communion.

But beyond gifts of curative therapies here on the Earth planes, there is help in the over-soul arena as well. There are clearing and healing process in the spiritual realm of the loving Angels that can assist a being into a better condition. Both in these bodies and out.

We carry the cellular memories of every action, feeling or deed we commit. We hold these in our very being, our soul, and move them with us for eternity unless transmuted, healed and changed on a spiritual level.

Many spiritually gifted souls are coming into the earth planes to assist in transforming the human presence into an ascended being able to house grand master intelligence for the evolution of humanity.

So, accepting that Hell is a figment of our creative imagination; Imagination being a real place we and others have created; Determine now that you will not go there when your body dies; And that you will not send any other soul there.

Rather, you should pray for them, in the spirit, that they would go into the loving care of Gods Angels for healing. Instead, pray for those that despitefully use you and persecute you. If you or someone you know is acting BAD, seek medical and or spiritual counseling and use what God has gifted to humanity for a — start of the soul healing process — into greater wisdom and knowledge as we each ascend at our individual rates.

Wa La! We have just decreased the future surplus population of Hell! Just by changing what we believe, how we respond and what we recommend, to people doing wrong things.

Moreover, it is maintained by various faiths, Jesus went into Hell after his physical death of crucifixion, before his ascension into Heaven. He saved many souls there and also on earth. Jesus lives on in eternity, just as we do. While Jesus was in Hell, he rescued them that would hear his cry of salvation. Many answered his call in that time space and were set free. They went on to learn, grow and heal. They gained wisdom and knowledge; Sweet Release.

All Souls continue to evolve since their inception. There are some old and or wiser souls that know how to go into the created place called Hell and do spiritual soul rescues as Jesus did, and more are learning how for the first time.

If you feel called to go into thought form creations of the dark places, I strongly advise prior spiritual training. It is not something to be done lightly; evil does reside in those hollows.

But for most of you, it is enough to start with: Stop Sending Souls to Hell! Send them to the Angels of light for transmutation and healing! And know where you will go when you die — Into the loving arms of waiting Angels.

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Changing Times

The way to Heaven is constantly changing. With each new season we grow through we become a new creature — again and again, Ascending up2Source. If it were not so — then we are in religion and politics, Pharisees and Sadducees. Not then children of a Highest and Mighty Powerful God — connected to a great big God created Universal consciousness; All being one with God/Source/Creation, of choice and freedom for All to worship him freely.
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