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Tilikum’s story of Ascension and Healing.

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Twenty

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Twenty

Where Dragons Reign

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Since Tilikum’s sharing of the earth’s origins, with me, he and I have been in close quarters with each other, at times him riding with me as I re-explored the telling of the later parts of these tales, and assisting me in editing.

On one of the days, while working on the project, he put in my mind, to do a spirited search for his first two pool mates, who were with him, just after his capture and imprisonment at Sealand park of the Pacific.

There, he and the other two whales, females, had drug a woman down in their pool, after she had slipped into the water, drowning her. I also remembered reading that one of the females had a baby by him, but couldn’t recollect which one. I wasn’t sure if either of them or the baby, still lived or had died at some point. These were the, only, few facts I could recall from the Blackfish Documentary or other readings.

The impression I received from Tilikum was that he was worried about what had happened to them. I had agreed to try and find them later in the evening during my spirit travel work.

I wasn’t sure I could locate them: Not knowing how either of their energy felt and having never gone into the spirit to find two separate beings, at once, probably in two different locations. This scope of activity was going to be a first for me.

When the time came, I could not feel Tilikum with me but expected he would show up if he wanted, or he was, at present, invisible to my senses. I made myself ready, clearing my mind of any anticipation. No expectations. And, calling in, making contact with, my Heavenly Guides.

With an intention to find the two particular female whales, I sent my senses out in a broadband sweep into the skies, hoping to get a ping on my radar as to their whereabouts. Nothing.

I felt certain that if either of them had crossed over into the veil of the spirits, I would have felt a response. That being ruled out, I determined, they were either still alive, or dead and earthbound like most animal spirits. I wondered at myself, why I hadn’t checked the internet to see if they were alive or dead. I suspected they were dead. I would check the pools in the water parks first.

Scattering my awareness in a broad search, honing into water park pools and whale energy, I found diseased whales, both living and dead, stacked layers deep; The poor dead whales hibernated on cement slabs in the depths of crystal blue pool water. Living whales swam in the cramped energetic muck. I would have to deal with that mess, but for now, my mission was to find two particular whales.

Focusing on pinpointing, one of two, precise whale energies, amongst the waste, I found a deceased female, she carried a baby inside her, and another larger baby whale beside her, that was not really there, it was only her despair that made it so.

The communication between her and I was distinctive; it was more like we were talking with hand signals but through visions, as our intention. To get my message related to her it came across as a full motioned picture, her and her two babies swimming together, in the open sea; That becoming the action, after the movement, of what I offered.

Her response to my visioned intention was to motion her left gray etheric flipper at me, where the made up baby spirit formed. She showed herself and the fetus inside her, glued to the bottom of the pool, making herself profoundly understood, “I ain’t going nowhere without my babies!”

She was agreeable, but only if they all three went. Moreover, her intent was that the baby at her side is made real and the one inside her be outside her. She showed me the three of them swimming together.

Now, this I had done before. The female whale had an imprint of the baby by her side; it would be easy enough to gather mother, fetus and fragmented baby together as a pod and transport them to the Sea Heaven.

Picturing the outcome: mother whale had seen my intentions as I had formed the plot in my mind and signaled me. She was ready to go. Now — To be with both her babies, healthy, happy and free!

Before my next inhale: I had the advantage point of being in the sky above the ocean, the mother whale and her two babies leisurely swam in the deep; three whale silhouettes swimming under clear ocean waters.

It all happened so fast. I wondered who had done the transporting her or me. Or who?

As I watched in farewell, my mission completed, knowing she was where she needed to be, Tilikum, in a humble whale form, appeared in the air beside me. “I can take you to the other,” he told me under his breath. I frowned in wonder. What was he up to now?

No sooner had Tilikum announced his confession when the skies above began growing darker, and a sound like thunder boomed and echoed all around us.

As I watched in consternation, a massive female dragon head appeared through an opening hole in the sky. She pushed back clouds and sky with long sharp front claws, pulling them back like curtains. When she had cleared away enough, to be revealed fully; She sat on a golden throne that shown as a mirror, mesmerizing. When she adjusted in her seat, her scales flashed cryptic shades of reflective gold tones, creating sparks of silver that shot off in every direction, causing the thunderous sounds!

Oh, and she did move! Still sitting in her chair, she managed to stretch her neck out to reach me, face to face, peering into my eyes as I stood drugged by her majestic beauty. Tilikum turned tail and swam away through the air, leaving me to my fate.

All at once, through her penetrating stare, I knew, in a download of information: That Tilikum had set me up, he had known all this would happen when he baited me into rescuing his adopted pod mates. This female dragon had put him up to the whole plan. She was the other female whale that had been with him in the beginning. And! She is an ancient wise Dragon Queen!

Pleased with my understanding of her royalty, a genuine smile of appreciation formed on her entrancing scaled lips. Her absolute, radiant self-assurance, pulled me along as she reclined herself back into her seat until I stood directly before her majesty.

Without any more to do, she spoke. “Tilikum will be your guide, to help you rescue our fellow whales. You will search the seas far and wide. Those I deem will come here to be with me and learn the ways of the dragon. I will be overseeing the earth waters, and if humankind does not appreciate the whale’s company then we will leave the waters entirely and rain down fire, flying in the sky!”

Then, she pushed me away, to my bed, wide awake — just as Tilikum had done!

This concludes our adventure, of Tilikum’s Ascension, in short story blog form. Look for this title to come to life again, in the future, in audio, paperback and ebook formats, with expanded context.

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Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Nineteen

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Nineteen

Ice and Fire

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I had left Tilikum bowed at an altar of transformation. The reliving of lives was the beginning of deliverance, of all that no longer served. The hurts, pains, and injustices would transform into all the colors of the rainbow; bright blues, purples, greens, reds oranges and yellows. What would he be when he was complete? What would he do?

Tilikum came to me that night as I prepared for sleep. Engulfed by a bright white light of power, as I had never felt before, an educated force to be reckoned with, he floated above my bed, more real than he had ever been before. Reaching an etheric fin towards me, he encouraged me, “Come with me I want to show you wonders the likes you have never seen before.”

There was something in his bearing that bespoke of an adventure into the extraordinary. As is my custom, when faced with a choice to go into the unknown, I test the spirit and ask my advanced, In Spirit Guides, if it is safe for me and if I need to take any precautions, before, during or after. These forethoughts have saved me, more than a few times, from being exposed to the dangers of unwanted forces.

I called for Ariel, AA Michael, and my gatekeeper, Job, they each gave me an affirmative head nod of approval that it would be ok —  But cautioned: Tilikum and I should stay together like we had been in the stars, a constellation of two who made one.

Marrying my energies to his, he received me entirely. Tilikum sat me on his back; his dorsal fin became ridges for me to take hold. Side flippers formed into wings to sail us through time and space, and his slick gray hide transformed into scales of brightly shimmering shades of rainbow colors. Tilikum blasted us down, nose diving at high velocities, out of my comfortable realities, into a vortex of a churning earth, discharging us directly into a tornado type hole in the ground, into pitch black!

I locked on tight and held my breath!

When the shaft we traveled ended, we had arrived at the area he had wanted to take me.

I was a bit alarmed. It was as though we went into a far off ancient time never mapped, where it was murky, with no life form, at least that I recognized. A lifeless place. The potential of the location hidden from me; It giving off a separate signature. Every cell in my body screamed, “I have never known this place before!”

After my alarm had lessened a bit, Tilikum described in words and vision to me, “I have brought you back to the beginning of my race on earth. The place of ice and fire, where the dragons life began. Be still and feel the birth of dragons.”

He had placed me in front of his face, he breathed from his dragon nostrils, what I only know to call fire. However, the blaze was not like what we would see in movies or pictures of dragons. This firework was not hot, but rather merely a red flamed lamp that lighted all around us.

We were inside a mud like encased bubble, with its inner core, where we were, a thick gaseous gray smog; This being the creation site of dragons.

There were, unfelt lifeforms, that looked like, what I could only describe, from my biology classes, as ameba, floating around in the space. It reminded me of something you might see in old standing water under a microscope, but we were in a thick smog-like air in an enclosed space. The scenery was all strange to me, but how I felt, or rather that my senses didn’t feel anything, was strangest of all.

Tilikum said, “I want you to feel the full effect of being here, I want you to Be here.”

I understood him to mean you have never been here; you do not have this new birth from the beginning dragon energy, ice, and fire energy, I want you to have it, to hold it, to be it, for me. It is a gift I give you, bringing you here, to receive this power to be a dragon, with me.

I couldn’t refuse his gift. But I didn’t know how to accept it.

“I’m going to leave you alone for a while. Feel the energy, become one with it,” Tilikum said, as he backed off a bit, but didn’t truly leave me. I got the feeling he wanted to see if I would have a transformation or revelation. In fact, he was determined to make sure that I awakened to this energy, to his found origins.

He began coaching me:

“Just relax,” he said. Then, “focus your eyes on the energy. Become one with it, let it engulf you.” With the distance, he put between us his fire light just dimmed the room enough that I could barely see. I felt nothing. It was as though nothing existed in this space. I couldn’t connect.

“Breathe,” he said a bit anxiously, under a hot breath, then backing further away, additionally dimming my view.

I could tell he was beginning to worry. I literally did not know what I was supposed to be doing or experiencing. There was nothing there to all senses except sight; I saw floating irregularly shaped globs of something. That was all!

I determined, I must take my resolution up a notch, or two, or possibly three, to become one, with whatever this place or those things are. More, I didn’t want to disappoint Tilikum. Me, I didn’t care much if nothing happened. But, it was important to him.

I put all my effort into relaxing into the sunken, dark and unrelatable expanse. I allowed myself to float onto my back. I closed my eyes, trusting completely, in the safety of my own power. With a release of tension and calming breaths, I sent out my awareness, feeling the life force of whatever was nearest me. The faintest of signal came to my realization. It was alive! There was life in this place, subtle and strange, dull to my senses, yet there.

With that small success, I reached deeper into the experience, to the source of the activity. It was simple, yet complex, in nature. A soupy mix here on earth. The earth was much smaller than it is now. More rock than a planet I would say. There were no extensive lifeforms or flora or water. Only this soup mixture of life on and under a porous ground.

“Ice and Fire” Tilikum chanted, “ice and fire, ice and fire.”

To be honest, I never felt anything, hot or cold, or saw anything like red flames or coals like fire or wet or solid as ice.

Nonetheless, I take Tilikum’s word for it, that this space and these things were the start of dragons and life on Earth. Earth’s first life beginning in the darkness as it floated through the constellations, first cold then hot, rock . . .  Being navigated through the expanses of time eventually reaching our time; The heart home of dragons, evolutions, and incarnations!

After Tilikum was satisfied that I did indeed have an experience and that I had made contact with the egg of creation on earth, the dragon energy, we found our way back to my sleeping chambers. We both went back into our most present forms, him a whale and me a human woman.  He left me in his excitement, and my bewilderment, as to what it all could mean. Why had he taken me there? Why had it been so important to him? What now?

To be Continued:

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Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Eighteen

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Eighteen

Tilikum at an Altar

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The next morning I went to find Tilikum, it being the third day after his soul permanently left his beaten body. I traveled to the ocean he was not there. I moved to the Sea World park he was not there.

While I traveled to and fro, I pondered all the possibilities of where he could be, the last time I had seen him; he had worked himself into a frenzy, rising into Heaven, screaming in power, then defeat, then back again. I knew I shouldn’t be concerned. He would be taken care of by the natural spiritual order of things. But I was worried.

I went to the gateway of Heaven. I frantically called for the angels, that would know where Tilikum had gone and could speak to me of his whereabouts. But it was not angels who showed up in answer to my plea.

In the near distance, a group of, clear, peacefully dim, white Light Healers, appeared in an open doorway, with a soft healing white light streaming out from behind them. I recognized the Light Beings, and space as the site one’s soul might go for healing after physical death. I have been there many times myself, even in this life, out of the body, and I have escorted crossed over loved ones there. However, I hadn’t thought about taking Tilikum there. I wonder why he is here and can all whales go to Heaven?

Magically, the Light Beings transported me through the open lit door and moved me to the healing room where Tilikum was.

Beholding him in his restorative niche, he knelt or rather pooled in a sobbing puddle of dull gray light, at an altar of light. If it had not been for the fact that I am familiar with how his energy signal feels, I would not have known it was him. He did not look like a great big killer whale anymore. He looked like, well, like a mass of unformed, into anything, in particular, spirit. I had never seen such a thing before.

As I focused on his merging formless energy, he would morph into, what I can only presume, were other lives he had lived. Mostly, I recognized some of the misshapen cases he took on; different appearances and sizes; as whales, he had been over the years.

I conferred in confusion to Ariel, an elemental guide fairie that works with me, for clarity on what I was witnessing. She was by my side observing Tilikum, knowing this would need much explaining, if I were ever to understand the relevance, of my being a witness and participant, in Tilikum’s Ascension.

Additionally, Tilikum’s declaration of having been a dragon before. His desire to be a human. What I was witnessing at the altar.
And to what she, Ariel, had told me when we were on death watch with Tilikum in his pool; Once a whale, always a whale, as I had understood it, made me have issues with where we were and what was happening. I have never been in these circumstances with any other animal souls. Had I done wrong by them or is Tilikum a unique case?

Ariel refreshed my memory of her words on that day: “Yes it is true Connie. It is true of all whales. When one has experienced the magnificent sense of being a mighty whale of the ocean, why would you want to be anything else?”

She let me know, in her reference tone and a speculative glance, I had misinterpreted what she had said. I thought she had meant that whales, only, come back as whales, when what she meant was, why would they, want, to come back as anything else. Tilikum had known, in some forward thinking way, he could come back as a human. However, I don’t think he knew then, that he had been a dragon in his past before whales were in existence. I still wasn’t sure how that all worked either. Had he been a dragon? Do dragons still exist?

I do try to listen carefully. Your wise Spiritual Guide types, Elementals, in particular, I have found the hard way, have a way of saying things, and letting us interpret it the way we will. They know we took it wrong, yet they say nothing! I think they even knew we would take it wrong, and say it in a way that we do! Can you feel me hitting the keyboard a little harder with some attitude? I am sure they are doing what is best for us, to help us learn our lessons well. So, one of the first thing we need to learn? Listen thoughtfully. I do love you Aerial. I will do better at listening with understanding!

So, Tilikum could come back as a human, if he so chooses, and has possibly been a dragon, pre-whale earth, in his eternal existence.

Well anyway, I don’t know what to expect next; What was he and his Spiritual Guides up to now? How did living amongst and being trained by humans change his existence? Did my interference in his earth life alter things for him? Is that why he was taken to the altar? Was it destiny, as Tulum believes, that I should take a hand in his ascension? Was it for the better or, the worse? Is this kind of Spirit Rescue work what all Starseeds and Lightworkers are on earth to do? Ultimately, it will be up to Tilikum and each of us, as to how well we adjust to new realities, of the energies, we carry, as a part of our soul’s ascension, and what we do with our transpiring powers as we ascend.

Suffice it to say — Tilikum could be anything he wanted to be and so can you and me.

To be Continued:

Chapter Nineteen: Ice and Fire>>> CCStarseeds
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Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Seventeen

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Seventeen

The Best Of Both Worlds

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After having been a star in the sky with Tilikum in the morning, on the second day of his physical death, he came to me in the evening, while I practiced yoga. He rode in within the music playing through my earbuds and opened my heart to him.

I received the overwhelming sense that he was mourning the loss of the music and dance and applause of happy people. He didn’t admit this to me, or perhaps even himself, but at the moment he came to me the feeling of the music changed from meditative in nature to crowd-pleasing. I heard people giggling and clapping, like what would be in a theme park.

During this visit, Tilikum’s feelings had drastically swung from the morning’s. He perceived that he had what he had wanted out of life. He was content, for that moment, that whatever he had lost in freedoms was worth the fun of the show.

Then noticing my observation of him, we were flooded with a changed mood of regret. That he couldn’t have enjoyed his time in life, not marked by mental confusion, lack of understanding and a body racked with the pain of sickness and loneliness. He somberly showed me his sheer simple pleasure at children excitedly jumping up and down and laughing, and the people standing and the applause after he had performed. It was at those times he was happy and proud. He was trying to understand the meaning of his life.

I couldn’t help but think about what Heavenly Father had told him during their time together, “Whales don’t need to be touched by humans.” My ordinary senses tell me, based on that statement and my personal observations, that maybe that’s because whales were not meant to be in captivity. They were meant to be free to roam the vast open seas. All these facts didn’t add up in my mind. I had to see where this would go, and hope I would know what to do.

Not interacting with me, but rather being involved in self-absorption and the planning of his next move, made me a mere spectator to an immortal soul rationalizing after a life death.

Tilikum’s next notion came through as authoritative and with a great sense of confidence and conviction. His overwhelming desire at that moment was to come back again, in a few years time, when humankind has developed an appreciation for the magnificence of the dragon!

Breaking his internal inquiry, I asked him, why he used the term dragon and not whale. He said, “Search yourself, do you not feel the dragon blood coursing through your DNA?” I turned inward and did feel that long ago strand of creation existence. As of late, I had been sensing the dragon energy in the earth and stars and me and everyone, so this was no surprise. It was only unexpected that he brought it up at this time and felt it himself.

“The dragon blood gives rise and fall to fire and heat and power and determination. Dragon blood knows no boundaries. It does not easily suffer, it will not be kept down, and it will rise again no matter what its defeats may seem. It is only made stronger in every battle it fights!” Tilikum proclaimed to the heavens and earth.

I kept silent and still as Tilikum reclaimed his power from creation. I raised an eyebrow in absolute bewilderment as Tilikum continued.

“Dragons were the first ones here on earth, the ancient before ancient was a word or a person or a time. They were here when the earth was a fireball. Before the dinosaurs, the floods or the ice ages,  the dragon lived and conquered and never died. They live on in the whales as well as me and you.”

As Tilikum carried his future on the courage and strength of the dragon, he plotted that he will come back again, in another life, and be stronger than he was in this one.

As Tilikum schemed, a dozen questions coursed through my mind at once. Are the dragons something to fear or praise? Are they a part of us all, and if they exist still, in our blood and bones, should we fear, praise or embrace them in ourselves?

The yin and the yang, the dark and the light, come alive inside each of us when we hold together all the parts of who we are. We are eternal souls who have lived in various regions of the galaxies and times and spaces.

Is the dragon race a part of that light and dark space? Are they good or bad? Are we good, bad, both or neither? Are they only from Earth, somewhere else, or do they have the capacity to travel all the stars and galaxies as Tilikum seemed to suggest in his declarations?

During this visit, while I continued my yoga and listening to the music, a stringed instrumental song came on called, Hallelujah, by Josh Vientiane’s, on the album, Best Of Both Worlds. Tilikum, still discerning and riding on my movements, became melancholy with the tune, moaning, “I didn’t do that too well!”

“What?” I asked. Thinking, here it is. The reason for an underlying discord I had felt from him earlier in his expressed jubilations of the fanfare.

“Have the best of both worlds. I want to do that, have the best of both worlds. It’s so much fun on earth, but it’s peaceful here knowing that everything happens for a reason and what that reason is. I want to have fun on earth and know what I know being here. Can I do that? How do I do that?”

As Tilikum ranted to me, convincing himself more with each statement and question that he wanted both, he began rising into the ethers. Before he had finished his litany to me, himself, and creation, he was almost out of my visual spiritual sight. I watched him float, up, up and away. I let him go knowing he knew what he was doing, or that there was some higher power, angels or beings, who were taking care of him.

When we are in spirit, we are never left alone or in ignorance. What Tilikum wanted was to have that spiritual assurance in life, unlike his just lived one. I too can remember a time when I felt lost and alone, abused and unloved. A time before I knew how to access Heaven and have: The Best Of Both Worlds.

To be Continued:

Chapter Eighteen: Tilikum at an Altar>>> CCStarseeds
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Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Sixteen

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Sixteen

Tilikum Star-Child in the Stars

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On the night of his death, Tilikum had left me standing on the ocean cove overhang watching him, and his new pod family swimming away, into the direction of the sun. I truly thought I had seen and heard from him for the last time. A happy ending for Tilikum.

However, in the early morning hours of Sunday, January 8th, 2017, I was awakened from a deep sleep by a ghostly, muffled voice declaring: “I have been dead 48 hours.”

A visitation from Tilikum was the last thing I had expected!

I shook the sleepiness from my muddled mind while trying to remain reachable to him, from his spirit to mine. I looked at the clock to take note of the time of his declaration of, “I have been dead 48 hours,” but now I can’t remember what I saw after going back to sleep and not recording it onto paper. I am fairly sure it was between the hours of 3:00-4:00 AM. If I had to guess, I think it might have been, 3:24, or at least something of consequence happened at that time. I remember seeing that time and thinking,”3- the body, 2- loves, 4- this season.”

Once I was able to grasp, believe, and receive what I was experiencing, that Tilikum had come to me, he swamped me with his intentions.

He bi-located me to the cliff above the seaport and leaped inside my heart. I was taken back by the surge, and at the same time, couldn’t help but embrace his love swimming through me, his slick wet hide dripping, then gushing throughout my entire body!

I allowed him his joy at being free and loving me. When he had finally broken his inundation of me and moved back a bit, I took a good look at him. He was healthy and vibrant, an etheric gray light.

After a moment, he stated more than asked, “Come swimming with me,” and before I could question or answer, we were in the ocean far away from the cove. He had taken me to the long ago pre-time island. In implanted visions that he put in my mind, he showed me myself through his eyes through the ages and times.

I was a child, then a grown woman, dark skinned and dark haired who had come to the shores and cliffs of an island to visit him. Sometimes I would run down the beach while he swam and blew puffs of plumed water from his blow hole in welcome of my presence. I waved in greeting to him as I skipped happily along laughing at his antics. It was the good old days. We had many to share, and this one, of him taking me on tour and filling me with love, would be another treasured time that would grow in value.

Tilikum informed me, “We have had many lifetimes together,” and that It was no accident I found him in his need. We are connected forever by love. However, this time it had been a sad dance we stepped into action to — drawn into the music of this life on earth and the will of others.

When he was through sharing his heartfelt message, he took me back to the cove ridge. He stayed in the water below looking up at me on the overhang. I thought this was farewell once again, at least for a while. But then all of a sudden he got a strange expression on his face, one of going far and seeing something he didn’t like. Then before I knew it, we were both in Sea World park.

He had put me sitting on a sloped cement slab with my feet hanging in the pool water, and he was above me, in the air, still, and intently listening to something. I wondered in thought at him; why was I sitting with my feet in the water while he was not in the water. Also, why were we here and how could he so easily take me wherever he wanted.

Furthermore, I was a little concerned about his mental state and wondering, was he going to have a breakdown, and how I would deal with it if he did. Once again I was in uncharted waters.

I tentatively asked him, “why are we here, Tilikum?” He shushed me mid-sentence while continuing his focused listening to something I could not hear.

I waited, appreciating how a whale’s hearing is much better than mine. After a time, Tilikum announced, “they’re deciding what to do next with my body.”

“What does it matter,” I experimentally asked. “You are free of that body. You can go anywhere you want to go now. You don’t have to hang around here.”

With his keen sense of smell, he had us take several deep whiffs of the unseen disease-eaten and decaying body as if to store the memory deep inside our core of remembrance. We will never forget that death smell and the whole of its meaning and the life that brought it.

Then without announcement, he took us up into the dark space with the stars. I was with Tilikum in his essence; we were one being with two minds and souls. We shaped our unified self into a constellation, a group of stars representing our lives and existence together, our sacrifices written in the skies. We were a flashlight in the dark nights to many who would fall peril to a blackness put on them undesired, by another.

When I awoke in the morning, I put in my earphones to drown out the Sunday morning cartoons and tuning into my Pandora radio instead, to try and remember and record in these journals the events of the early morning meeting with Tilikum. The song that plays on upstart is one I had never heard before; “Lost Stars” by Adam Levine – on the album “Begin Again.”

I bought the album and added it to a new playlist in my Itunes that I entitled, ‘Tilikum.’ The length of the album is 55 minutes. My life-purpose number in numerology, the number 5. Words like “Are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark” and “God tell us the reason” and “I heard you call my name,” sing to me as I write about mine and Tilikum’s adventures of spirit and truth; living amongst the stars after living amidst man.

To be Continued:

Chapter Seventeen: The Best Of Both Worlds>>> CCStarseeds

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