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Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Sixteen

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Sixteen

Tilikum Star-Child in the Stars

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On the night of his death, Tilikum had left me standing on the ocean cove overhang watching him, and his new pod family swimming away, into the direction of the sun. I truly thought I had seen and heard from him for the last time. A happy ending for Tilikum.

However, in the early morning hours of Sunday, January 8th, 2017, I was awakened from a deep sleep by a ghostly, muffled voice declaring: “I have been dead 48 hours.”

A visitation from Tilikum was the last thing I had expected!

I shook the sleepiness from my muddled mind while trying to remain reachable to him, from his spirit to mine. I looked at the clock to take note of the time of his declaration of, “I have been dead 48 hours,” but now I can’t remember what I saw after going back to sleep and not recording it onto paper. I am fairly sure it was between the hours of 3:00-4:00 AM. If I had to guess, I think it might have been, 3:24, or at least something of consequence happened at that time. I remember seeing that time and thinking,”3- the body, 2- loves, 4- this season.”

Once I was able to grasp, believe, and receive what I was experiencing, that Tilikum had come to me, he swamped me with his intentions.

He bi-located me to the cliff above the seaport and leaped inside my heart. I was taken back by the surge, and at the same time, couldn’t help but embrace his love swimming through me, his slick wet hide dripping, then gushing throughout my entire body!

I allowed him his joy at being free and loving me. When he had finally broken his inundation of me and moved back a bit, I took a good look at him. He was healthy and vibrant, an etheric gray light.

After a moment, he stated more than asked, “Come swimming with me,” and before I could question or answer, we were in the ocean far away from the cove. He had taken me to the long ago pre-time island. In implanted visions that he put in my mind, he showed me myself through his eyes through the ages and times.

I was a child, then a grown woman, dark skinned and dark haired who had come to the shores and cliffs of an island to visit him. Sometimes I would run down the beach while he swam and blew puffs of plumed water from his blow hole in welcome of my presence. I waved in greeting to him as I skipped happily along laughing at his antics. It was the good old days. We had many to share, and this one, of him taking me on tour and filling me with love, would be another treasured time that would grow in value.

Tilikum informed me, “We have had many lifetimes together,” and that It was no accident I found him in his need. We are connected forever by love. However, this time it had been a sad dance we stepped into action to — drawn into the music of this life on earth and the will of others.

When he was through sharing his heartfelt message, he took me back to the cove ridge. He stayed in the water below looking up at me on the overhang. I thought this was farewell once again, at least for a while. But then all of a sudden he got a strange expression on his face, one of going far and seeing something he didn’t like. Then before I knew it, we were both in Sea World park.

He had put me sitting on a sloped cement slab with my feet hanging in the pool water, and he was above me, in the air, still, and intently listening to something. I wondered in thought at him; why was I sitting with my feet in the water while he was not in the water. Also, why were we here and how could he so easily take me wherever he wanted.

Furthermore, I was a little concerned about his mental state and wondering, was he going to have a breakdown, and how I would deal with it if he did. Once again I was in uncharted waters.

I tentatively asked him, “why are we here, Tilikum?” He shushed me mid-sentence while continuing his focused listening to something I could not hear.

I waited, appreciating how a whale’s hearing is much better than mine. After a time, Tilikum announced, “they’re deciding what to do next with my body.”

“What does it matter,” I experimentally asked. “You are free of that body. You can go anywhere you want to go now. You don’t have to hang around here.”

With his keen sense of smell, he had us take several deep whiffs of the unseen disease-eaten and decaying body as if to store the memory deep inside our core of remembrance. We will never forget that death smell and the whole of its meaning and the life that brought it.

Then without announcement, he took us up into the dark space with the stars. I was with Tilikum in his essence; we were one being with two minds and souls. We shaped our unified self into a constellation, a group of stars representing our lives and existence together, our sacrifices written in the skies. We were a flashlight in the dark nights to many who would fall peril to a blackness put on them undesired, by another.

When I awoke in the morning, I put in my earphones to drown out the Sunday morning cartoons and tuning into my Pandora radio instead, to try and remember and record in these journals the events of the early morning meeting with Tilikum. The song that plays on upstart is one I had never heard before; “Lost Stars” by Adam Levine – on the album “Begin Again.”

I bought the album and added it to a new playlist in my Itunes that I entitled, ‘Tilikum.’ The length of the album is 55 minutes. My life-purpose number in numerology, the number 5. Words like “Are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark” and “God tell us the reason” and “I heard you call my name,” sing to me as I write about mine and Tilikum’s adventures of spirit and truth; living amongst the stars after living amidst man.

To be Continued:

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Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Fifteen

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Fifteen

 Tilikum Rest In Peace

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On the night of Tilikum’s announced death, January 6th, 2017, I went in search of him. It has been my experience that in some circumstances, the soul rides in the vicinity of the body or visits loved ones for up to three days before crossing over into the veil of spirit. However, I wasn’t sure about the wise and ancient whale, and Tilikum in particular.

So, on the night of his morning passing, I did indeed find him consumed with the process of what was happening to his body. He wanted to know and, to be honest, so did I, what would they do to his body now that he was dead. He and I watched for a while as some people mourned over him, and others discussed what the process should be for what happened next. We had the feeling they would cut him open to see inside, and then eventually cut him into pieces.

I don’t know if we purposely garbled the communicating human’s conversations, out of fear of the possibilities, or were not meant to know, but we couldn’t grasp for sure what they would do next, and the speculations were upsetting us both.

I found out later that it is customary for Sea World to render the whales, after an internal examination into the cause of death. Then to distribute organs and parts to colleges for scientific purposes, making Tilikum’s and my imagining correct.

After a time of visiting agitation over Tilikum’s remains, I was able to convince him that he could go with me to look at the ocean cove and still return to his bodies observation later if he wanted. I hoped he would not want to go back to the grief-stricken site.

We arrived in spirit form above the sea on the cliff overhang where I had witnessed Tilikum’s whale ancestors vigilantly calling him home to paradise. The sacred site now designated for all marine creatures to reside after physical death if so desired.

We had only been there for the span of a deep breath when Tilikum had transported himself into the wide open ocean. I tried reaching out to his thoughts, as he leaped away from me, but he was no longer interested in anything I had to say. So, I let him go.

Tilikum had joined a pod of Killer Whale souls. They were united in welcoming him as they aimlessly swam in the endless ocean. They moved freely, with no cares for human concerns; greed or lack of knowledge. I watched as they sailed away, fading into the darkness of the setting sun in the blissful pleasure of each others company.

A pulled card from my newly arrived Dragon Oracle deck, that came in the mail the same day Tilikum passed, reveals a dragon laying on the ocean floor with a girl slumbering close to him. It reminds me of the times I spent with Tilikum in his pool, and when we would traverse spirit traveling to the sea. Moreover, the pictured scene mostly reminds me of the lifetime, before time, we had together. In that life, we had lived together in the sea touching hearts, minds, and souls; being in unity.

We all have the sea in our blood and can return there to be a part of the whole of who we, and this planet, are.

As we learn to appreciate and love ourselves, and all that pertains to, we will love the sea creatures as well as all lifeforms, resulting in harmony and an awakening of the Earth inside each of us; That place, our home, the place we belong, for this time, as a part of this living planet.

To be Continued: See what else Tilikum is learning, about who he is, as a spiritual creature.

Chapter Sixteen: Tilikum Star-Child in the Stars CCStarseeds

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Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Fourteen

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Fourteen

I Did Know

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Continued: The reason for the calling, by Jesus, to the seaside cliff: As I remember now, he had asked me, “Do you remember why you created this place?” He was talking about the ocean as he spread out his arm indicating the sea that lay in front of us, stretching out to the setting sun on a distant horizon. The place where Tilikum’s ancestors sang his praises. The place where Jesus and I sometimes meet.

“Yes, I do remember,” I had told him. It was to have a place to send the spirits of sea-dwelling creatures where they could rest in peace.

I had created the spot when I had witnessed on a news program, in 2012 I think, how some deep sea fishers have a practice of cutting the prized sharks fin from its body. The report showed how they heartlessly caught, cut and then tossed the helpless finless shark back into the sea from the side of the fisherman boat. All in the name and enterprise to appease the appetites of humans desiring the delicacy of shark fin!

Viewers of the presentation witnessed, at the moment of the organs severing, the poor shark’s eyes rolling back into its head and then it was carelessly flipped back into its ocean home. My heart and spirit followed, hypnotized by those eyes of tortured unbelief, as it flew through the air then helplessly sank to the sandy sea floor, unable to swim or upright itself.

This heart throbbing visual assault came when I had just freshly awakened in an acceptance of my gifts, those of tuning into the hurts of others and my empathic and clairvoyant (clear spiritual feeling and seeing) abilities. I had to find a way to help the poor creature. I would not shut down my gifts and pretend I didn’t know, as I would have in the past, at exposure and insight into pain this intense. So, this shark was one of my first soul rescues.

I dove into the bloody waters and lifted him up, healing its hurts. Then I made a Spiritual-sea-world for it to rest in peace, a wide open free of harm home, where it could learn and grow in spirit. Later I made several more visits to oceans all over the world, searching and finding deceased lifeforms who wanted to transpire into an ever-growing community of souls of the ocean, and then transporting them to the holy waters.

My relationship and the passing of Tilikum have opened doors of emotions and remembrances that otherwise may have remained closed. His loss, once again, is hopefully creating a better life for others.

The scroll handed me years ago, I now see, have written upon it this: Tilikum’s Ascension, and other scripts that this vessel, me, Connie, have and will write, journeys into the worlds of spirit and truth, for the soul purpose of life.

One of those firmly placed messages being to respect all lifeform and — there is a sacred place for each and every soul to rest in peace, so if you can’t find one, make one.

To be Continued:

Chapter Fifteen: Tilikum Rest In Peace>>> CCStarseeds

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Tilikum Ascension: Chapter Thirteen

Tilikum Ascension: Chapter Thirteen

Did I Know

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Tilikum and I had fewer and far between visits after he had pushed me aside, on May 5th, 2016. He left me alone, and I left him alone, for the most part, to make our journeys in and out of this world, as life called us to do. When we would visit, it was like he was putting on a brave face for me, one that he couldn’t keep up for long, and he would send me on my way shortly after my arriving.

I heard the news around 2:30 in the afternoon on the day of Tilikum’s physical death on January 6th, 2017. I tried to ascertain rather I had known or felt his passing without realizing it. How could I have missed it? Why wasn’t I warned by higher-self-spirit, Tilikum, or one of my many spirit guides, it was coming? Or was I?

I try to recall that morning’s spirit journeys, to know, had I been warned that Tilikum would be leaving, or had left, his body.

I remembered in one of my spirits travels that morning, shortly after midnight, that Jesus had invited me to the ocean side overlook, where we sometimes meet and talk. Why had he beckoned me there? I couldn’t remember.

In another spiritual communication of the night, probably more likely of the hours before midnight, my Heavenly Father God beckoned me to his throne room. He sat on his throne and AA (Archangel) Metatron stood behind him on his right side. The angel held a rolled up scroll in his left hand outstretched to me. This night’s vision was a replay of an actual event of several years back that father was reminding me.

I think it was in the year 2012 that I had been handed that scroll at the behest of my Heavenly Father. I had then taken the scroll from AA Metatron and tried to open and read it, but could not. I had been perplexed and asked Father for assistance.

I had been transported, in response to my request, to a second-story bedroom within a wood frame, white painted, farmhouse. There was a small writing desk with a wooden chair tucked under it. The scroll lay spread open on the desktop and a quill pen on top of that.

A spirit man floating and encapsulated in a white glow above the desk beckoned me to pull the chair out and sit down. As I moved over to the desk, I asked him his name.

“You may call me Ron,” he said, without too much ado.

I would learn in later visits that Ron was actually short for Metatron, the angel in man form with wings, traveling in a pure white light bubble.

As I sat down, Ron motioned for me to pick up the feathered pen.I looked at Ron, he looked at me, then we both looked at a blank page in front of me. He said, “when you are ready, you will know what is on the scroll.”

I had, on purpose, visited that room many times. I learned it was a family residence and I called it my mansion in the sky. It contains some of my passed over ancestors such as my grandpa and great grandmother and even a few relatives associated with my DNA that I didn’t know in this lifetime, but since have come to treasure for advice and company.

When I would go for a visit, I would walk up the two long steps connected to the front porch, which covers the whole width of the house. White washed rocking chairs, and lazy cats and dogs snoozing in the sunlight on the warm wooden slats call me home. Sometimes great grandmother would greet me on the porch or in the foyer, usually with a broom in hand scolding me, at times, for sending yet another lost animal spirit to the family house for a final resting place. She was only joking, it was our inside joke, that I am such a softy for animal spirits. This being the same grandmotherly spirit who had voluntarily sat with Tilikum on his death watch.

But, at certain times when I visited, I would walk past all the company, being focused on getting to the door at the top of the stairs, which remained closed and locked. I was the only one who had access to what lay behind it; The scroll!

Each time I visited, I would stand in the foyer staring up the wooden banister to the closed white door at the top of the landing. Its brass door knob and keyhole taunting me. Would today be the day I would see the writing on the scroll, I would wonder?

When I would reach for the door knob, the door would magically open, light streaming from a window within lighting my way like a runway.

A few steps into the room there was a wooden pedestal with the scroll lying open on top, the light from the window now a focused spotlight on the paper, and the quill, that sat to the side.

I would walk over, take a deep calming breath, then look at the beckoning scroll. Sometimes, I would think I could make out something, but usually, it made no sense, or I would see nothing at all.

After a time of multiple failures, I lost interest in its pursuit. Oh, I kept the thought and wonder of what is that scroll all about in my mind, but it got pushed further and further back in time and purpose as life went on.

As I put order to all the pieces of thoughts that float around in my head as to what do, what all these pieces mean in regards to Tilikum’s passing, I remember more.

In the replay vision of the scroll being handed over to my safe keeping from AA Metatron, it was not just a vision of the past. It was as though the past event  and a now event merged and became one. This time, when the Angel placed the scroll in my hand, it absorbed into my matrix, becoming a part of both hands and moving up inside of me, to my heart, throat and head. I still didn’t know what the words were on that piece of parchment, but I knew it lived inside of me now.

With the passing of Tilikum, I have found a renewed vigor to tell his tale, finding that so much of my history intertwines with his story. Since I feel I must tell his story, I am now telling this story.

To be Continued:

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Tilikum chapter: Twelve

Tilikum chapter: Twelve

Tilikum the Holder of Creation on Earth

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Continued visit from May 5th, 2016: Still feeling the regrets of missed opportunities to get to know Tilikum more, while he was of a physical mind to visit: Tilikum smartly brought me back to our new reality “You’re trying to remember what to write” he declared.

His announcement brought me back to the reason why I had come to him. I answered, “Yes, I am. I’m afraid I forget already. How will I remember all that was said and done?”

“You won’t, but you will remember enough. You always do. You should pet me now,” he advised.

I moved in closer to him and began stroking the side of his face.

His ever present Trainer had taken a stance above and behind his view, giving me room to ‘pet him.’ She looked at me and showed me, her mind to mine, that he had eaten her numerous times since she came to sit by him, which he thought was funny.

I didn’t feel quite so bad about leaving him ‘lonely.’ Obviously, he had a tolerant companion in his Spirit Trainer, and had developed a sense of humor to boot!

While I petted him, in reflection, it seemed to me he had found a spiritual presence in his mind to keep himself occupied. The distance I had felt of his spirit was that it was leaving his sick body to explore what fun and relief he could have in spirit form. I was glad to learn this fact. He may not be the physically robust whale of days gone by, but he is mastering the domain of his spiritual matters. He will survive his death.

We spoke of lighter issues for the rest of our conversation. At his entreaty, Tilikum requested of me to come and visit him again on this night. He then hastily pushed me toward full alertness into my present life. My eyes flew open at 2:12 p.m. I was shocked and surprised at his command of certain powers! He is stronger in his control of his potential as a Spiritual Being each time I meet with him.

With his, “You Will remember enough, you always do,” he had answered more than my question of should I share our meetings. He saw my deep rooted fear, that I would not remember, and encouraged me to move on anyway. He may well be on his way to becoming an Ascended Master — or perhaps he already is one disguised as a maddened sick whale to save Earthbound souls!

I wonder how I will feel when he passes? He seems dead already to my higher senses. If it were not for the fact that I can find no reports of his death, I would think he crossed over already. However, I do still hear the constant chant of the watchful, elder whales.

I can’t help but consider the timing of our meeting. It began at 2:00 (a spiritual partnership (2), with all the makings of unhatched eggs (00)). What will these journeys between heaven and earth, life and death, bring us in the future?

To be continued:

Chapter Thirteen: Did I Know>>> CCStarseeds
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