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If you have a story to tell, please email me with a brief description for possible submission. All of the creation is in a constant cycle of change, some Ascend into fulfilling a greater purpose than could be imagined. These are their stories.

Whale Song of Ascension

Whale Song of Ascension

Blue Whale song

Ancient Whale Song for Ascension of Earth’s Oceans

The information in this video clip was found out through a series of synchronicities and astral travel utilizing an Intention Engram of  52Hz to synchronized meditation energy with the deep oceans to find and communicate with a unique Blue Whale who has his own song to sing: One of synchronization for his kind!

by: Wallis @

The biologist who studied this mutant whale calls him “The 52HZ Whale.” But he is no mutant. Wallis received download  information from the Blue Whale who refers to himself as an “Ancient One.” The Ancient one also informed Wallis that he is not the only one of his kind, but there are only a few.

Furthermore, his contact informs him that the oceans have been bombarded with unnatural sonar waves for decades. These sonar waves are changing the natural resonance of the earth’s oceans. One of the consequences of this change in the oceans frequencies is that the whales have forgotten the ancient language. This Ascended Master, Ancient One, Blue Whale, claims his unique song is “The Forgotten Song of the Oceans.” And that he has come to teach the ancient language of whales to this generation, who will pass it on to their offspring.

Moreover, singing the forgotten song is imperative in keeping the earth’s oceans in proper attunement, so as to sustain all life on this planet!

The presence of this highly advanced whale is a testament to the vital role of the evolution of a species to the entire evolution of the earth!

Whales are Ascended beings: They take care of their own evolution and nothing human-kind may do to the planet will keep them from evolving into the great and mighty Life-forms they are destined, including that they are the keepers of the earth’s evolution history: Read “Tilikum’s Ascension” a short story blogged for an adventure into the Spirit of one killer whale named Tilikum, who spent most of his life handled by humankind. Take a voyage into the life and times and processes of what it takes to, shake off, what others forced on the natural occurrences of one life form: Read about his life the year before he died, and how he found a way to live again with a little help from those who knew how to help his soul, when he died to this world of flesh.