This is my Blog site:; When one wakes up from the “One Life Dream” and realizes that we are all Eternal, and have multidimensional timelines and past existence – and that everything that is happening is a-part of a master system with No precise form, we need an outlet to express Our-Selves; this is one of mine.

In this Blog site, you will find many aspects of my-self and some of the things I have and AM learning about this spiritual awakening and Ascension business. This is my shared personal crafting site.

You can also visit another of my sites, where I organize the more business side of my evolution in this lifetime. There you will find links to everywhere else and everything else I Am UP 2 – to share what I Am Being Taught.

That linked site is I call it the – Work for it is where I and You, and our Eternal Guides, get to Work in this Network of Ascension Beings.

Take a look around and get inspired and creative to BE your-self. Comment if you will. And grow, awaken and ascend.

Many Blessings, Be-loved, Be Loved, U R Love & Loved!
~Connie | ~CCStarseeds