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BeLoved Empath Freind’s Post#2:

BeLoved Empath Freind’s Post#2:

The weekend has brought the family to mind, heart, and soul. Here are some things I have noticed you can try to minimize friction in your life.
We each have different aspects of empathy in combination with other spiritual gifts; the experiences of One does not constitute the need or experience of another. Take this opportunity of great need to test your spiritual gifts and help others in whatever way you can.
  1. Your emotions may be heightened and uncontrollable at times. Remember: Just because you think a thing doesn’t mean you have to say it. These emotions may feel personal and real, but they will subside at some point when reason takes control back. You don’t want to perpetuate negativity, causing future problems you don’t need or want.
  2. Understand that others you are engaging with are feeling anxieties also. Just walk away if you can. Keep your mouth shut for sure.
  3. Walk away and isolate – go into a closet of prayer. I know it seems like increased isolation is cruel punishment to what is supposed to be a Gift From God – Empaths are called to know and understand the suffering of the world—your working on getting your angel wings. It’s time to go to work.
  4. Use spiritual tools for centering: Holy text—positive Mantras, affirmations, and prayer. Bring, Rosaries, worry beads, crystals, candles, music, baths, incense, whatever you have on hand that helps you center and understand your part in all this to play.
  5. When you are fatigued by other’s negative energy: put on headphones and listen to music or a book. Read, write, watch a movie. Do something to change the attention of yourself or your loved ones.
  6. Please share with us what things are helping you cope during this emotional outbreak.
  7. Share this post with others in need.

Blessings to ALL

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Daily Date Mantra: February 13

Daily Date Mantra: February 13

daily date mantra 2/13

Daily Date Mantra for 2/13


Love streams through me in every season of life – Revealing my soul purpose…


Take one moment to inhale the Breath of Life and Love…

Exhale, Into the world, Life Purpose, Love and Light. Repeat often …

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Year of the Self: 2019/12/3

Year of the Self: 2019/12/3


This year we will be learning, growing and ascending into more clarity of who we are destined to become in this life.

We leave behind 2018, an 11 year (2+0+1+8=11). For many, this past year meant doors of revelations opening in their minds that may have escalated inner growth; Downloads of information from solar portals shifted entire belief systems.

Many persons felt as though they may not survive the onslaught and downpour, from unknown Source – of sometimes overwhelming and un-understandable energies and information!

Will 2019, a 12/3 year be an easier year?

In some ways yes, in others, if you don’t know what to look for, what to expect, and strive for, no!

If you are ready to assimilate all you learned and didn’t understand in 2018 then by the end of the 12-month cycle of 2019 you will have found more love and acceptance for Self and tolerances for others and whom they are becoming…

2019 Broken Down

2+0+1+9=12- 1+2=3

#2 love and partnerships, with #0 the unknown are the #1 path and all parts coming together #9 will #1 shoot far – and #2 love of #3 self will be the final outcome.

Notice that the love and partnership of #2 is a mystery, something to be figured out on the #1 paths of this year. And that these revealed paths of love and partnerships found this year, will bring about a conclusion and wholeness to the #3 self in this #19 all paths lead to the end of mysteries #20, but it will take all #12 months to fulfill #3 self-realization.

What are you willing to accept or let go of, in yourself and in your loved ones, to bring about this #3 revolutionary knowing of self?

No doubt, as life is a school, we will learn from last years educations and build on them this year!

Set an intention, a resolution, to learn more about yourself and others this year…

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