About: Daily Date Messages

How do I get the Messages?

The words on the Daily Date post come from understanding what numbers mean to the Ascension of humankind. The Messages were born out of a need to continue with the formulation and growth of “Messages From Time, for the Ascension Process” a channeled book currently in the works, by ConniePrestonParker/CCStraseeds/AscensionSeeds.net. 

However, the messages are timely and timeless, time being a constant that never and yet always is changing, a mystery to us All.

Moreover, the formula for getting specific daily messages from the numbers of any given date are as followed and intuitively dowsed: The month numbers 1-12 are reduced – so then: 1 (January) is at its lowest =1, but 12, (December) would reduce by adding 1+2=3. It would be written 12/3.

The same formula is used for the day and the year. After each number; month, day and year are reduced they are all added together, then further reduced if need be.

However, All of the numbers, non-reduced and reduced, in each given date is evaluated for interpretation to the DailyDateMessage.

For example, 12-15-2017 would look like this: 12/3+15/6+1 (2017 year = a 1 year. The full year not included in the text). Reduced numbers are added together 3+6+1=10. Then 10 reduced to 1+0=1.

The Vibration of all the numbers:  12/3/15/6/1/1 would be the sequencing of the meaning for that day, with the final numbers: 3611 being the overruling Song.

So then, the above Message might contain messages about: Path, love, self, path movement or grabbing, unification of self, more paths or doorways, as directed by the spirit of that day.

Each message is an encouraging Timeless word, however – and can be utilized as a mantra for any day. Be Blessed Every Day🙏🏻

*Below is a current list of meanings for each number 0-9. 

In the “Messages From Time” format each single digit number 0-9, associated with time keeping, are given an Ascension Message. Much like traditional numerology yet varying in its meaning, the numbers come alive with encouragement for our daily life.

We are all able to use the numbers and their meanings below to get private personal messages from The Spirit of Truth for our Spiritual Growth.

You can get messages too!

Numerology Chart for Ascension

None – New Birth – Beginnings – Unknown – Faith & Belief – Dreams – Circle of Time – Going Around and Around – The World.

One – Oneness – A Path – The Right Path – Straight Line – One Time – Spirit – Truth – A lightbulb moment.

Two – To – Too – Love – Partnership – Unity – Peace – Walking – Legs – Moving towards something.

Three – The self – Body – Physical Health – Physical Action – Emotions – Hormonal – Instinct – Mental – Mind – Thoughts.

Four – For – Stability – Season or Seasons – Firm – Strong – Flexible – Giving – Lacking.

Five – Movement – Change – Grab hold – Make it happen – Firm – Grip – Hand – Fist – Determined – Push through.

Wholeness = 3 (Physical Self) +3(Higher Spiritual Self) = 6 —  Spiritual Insights & Direction – a unity of the spirit and the body – Walking by faith.

Contemplation – Rest – Reflection – A Full Week of Time – Set Aside.

Source – Gateway to amazing grace – Eternity – Infinity – Complete in unification – No Need – Heaven on Earth – Messages from God/Source/Angels/Ascended Masters.

Completion – Finish a project – 3+3+3=9 (physical aspects + spiritual aspects = completion; 9) – Wholeness – Moving on – Finalizing things.

I hope you enjoy using all the numbers floating around you to make yourself Greatly Blessed!  Sending Love and Blessings your way!

Enjoy . . .

Be-Blessed, BeLoved, URLove!