About AscensionSeeds.net

About AscensionSeeds.net

This is a channeled site: Physical body – Connie, Higher-self – CCStarseeds (Consciously Creating StarSeeds for ascension), AscensionSeedsNetwork (AscensionSeeds.net). Following are the channelers and some information on who they are and why they have come to us at this time.

Some topics covered on this site:

  • Why are we here; What’s the purpose?!
  • What is Ascension?

  • How can I be happy, feel loved, and know the truth?

  • What happens when we die?

  • What is Heaven like?

  • Are our passed over loved ones with us?

  • What about our pets, what happens to them when they die?

  • What are Animal Totems and Guides?

  • How does this whole Living in Spirit and Ascension thing work?

  • Should I be afraid of the world of Spirit and Truth?

  • Are evil dark spirits out to get me?

With the guidance of Higher Spiritual Beings and the Spirit of Truth, we can find the answers to these and other life-altering questions. It is our hope and desire that by sharing channeled messages and In-Spirit Journeys; parables, poems, and stories, you will find encouragement, enlightenment and – A way for you to seek out answers to your life’s mysteries.

Please consider: Ascension is a process of awakening. — And, awakening, thoughtful, insightful education of one’s souls origins into greater understandings of this lifetime for ascension – Adjustments and fine Attuning to the frequencies best suited to your souls’ growth, lessons, and purpose for this life. 

Who is Connie Preston Parker

[Channeled by Connie’s Soul Council Of 12.]

Connie Preston Parker/ CCStarseeds is a culmination of who the person Connie has become in her wholeness as she has developed into a Spiritual Being living inside of a body on Earth, for this time of The Ascension Process.

Born an Open Channel, and not realizing it until her forties, she has had many experiences and can relate to others who are here in this Earth time to Ascend. She has developed an unusual set of mottos for living the successful completion of the ascension process and wishes to grant access to these, lifesaving techniques, to all who would come into their own rights as souls created by Source/ Creator/God.

Connie and her husband enjoy their five children and eleven grandchildren at every opportunity. They are also the caretakers of various household pets, including; cats, dogs, and tortoises. Together, they nurture & program crystals at CrystalPowerExpert.com to be alive with intentions for healthy living and support for the ascension process. Connie Loves working with stones, Oracle cards, and various other means of communicating with Source for the maintenance and continuation of the ascensions process. Together and separate, Connie and Wallis take select private sessions of individuals and groups who are ready to take the next step in understanding and awakening.

She is in the process of writing several books using her challenges and abilities as a guidepost for the assimilation and healing of the world and humanity through the understanding of the Spiritual World.

Connie has her Masters Degree in Spiritual Healing and has studied and certified in over twenty-four modalities including Licensing in Nursing. Mastering in: Ascension, Usui, and Multidimensional Reiki: Hands-on, off, and long-distance healing. Shamanism. Animal Healing. Crystal Communication. Hypnotherapist; specializing in Past-Life and Spiritual Regression — All with the intention of unification of the Spirit-man and Soul-purpose.

You can contact Connie for appointment availability via, Contact or email:

Who Connie Channels

Born an Open Channel to the World of Spirits:

It took me many years to know, that I do indeed channel Source/Creation. And a few … more years to know — “How I Channel.” Now I strive, every day, to channel or not channel, with beauty and grace that serves a Higher Purpose. ??

Who is my First Source Choice to Channel?

My first source, of course, is My Heavenly Father. He is my God and Savior who has been with me always. You may know him as the God of Creation or Source. I have had a personal relationship with him, in this life, since the age of eighteen; “When I Saw God Come Down” out of the sky with a multitude of angels. He has been my Guiding Light Confidant ever since. “Jesus is the Light of God!”

Who is my Second Source to Channel?

So then my second choice of Source for information comes from Gods Angels of Light. I am directed and encouraged by the host of Heaven and Earth, Gods allegiances! They give me messages to share; of comfort, strength, a power to overcome and healing for all areas of life. They ALL are everywhere at the same time. They dwell and work from “The No Time and Space Place.”

Third – Who are my Guides & the Council of 12 that I Channel?

Next, are my council of guides. I have twelve guides who sit in council for me. But on many occasions, I am brought before a larger board when a mass consensus is needed. For example: when I needed expansion into a further understanding of the depth and vastness of what it means to me, in this life, to be a Starseed. They are many and of many bands. Sometimes they speak to me one on one. And at other times they are many voices/energy/Entities merged into a beautiful chorus of one thought transmitted into my mind.

Fourth – Who is the Council of 8?

The Council of 8is a newly formed Council for the sole purpose of these writings and teachings that come forth from Source Spirit to humanity on earth in the form of codes through talk and text. They are a group of an undetermined number of Ascended Masters from all walks of faith and all civilizations; Earth, distant galaxies, and planets afar and times and of, no times, upon the lands and spaces of all of Gods Creation.

Fifth – Who is Ashtarah?

The council of 8 are connected to and work in close cooperation with Ashtarah (known by many names and spellings). She is the overseer of what I call “The Bee-Hive,” for that is the way it looked to me when I first was shown her charges. Her passionate desire is to see ALL souls upon the Earth, Ascend to greatness!

Sixth – What is the Bee-Hive?

The Bee-Hive is a structure of crossed over souls in training for a life of Ascension; And are observing those of us who are Ascending in life now. They may watch a particular person or a living relative who is doing well with Ascension; what to do — and what not to do. Likewise, we may go to, or return to, the Bee-Hive and care of Ashtarah after physical death, for more training on how to ascend. But it is hers and the Council of 8s desire for us to become masters in this lifetime.

Seventh – Who are some of my other Spirit Guides?

I also frequently communicate with souls with whom I have lived another existence. To name a few: A Faerie from an elemental life. A Native American Indian shaman who was my grandfather in another lifetime of the pre-Americas. A grandfather of this current life. A father from at least two earth lives. An aunt from this life. A daughter from another earth life who is also shadowing me in spirit from the Bee-Hive. An ancient whale that lived during the time of Lemuria where I was a mermaid. And, my now Gatekeeper, whom I first met on another planet in some other life.

In Spirit Souls:

On the day of this drafting, the spirit of a woman, who is observing, reminded me to tell you that they, (in spirit souls) are watching, learning and hoping for our best. And, some are longing for our help. As we develop a relationship with who we are; Souls, we will know how to teach and assist those who need to be free.


Some are more advanced in the evolutional cycle and better able to communicate spiritually than others. It is true within a species as well as of the specific types of animals within the animal kingdom. More advanced animal spirits may reincarnate as animal totems or guides. Also, a loved one may decide to come back and live a while as our pet to support us on our path. This advanced soul conversion is accomplished, as a walk-in or a pre-planned birthing. I have also observed that a passed over loved one, if advance in energy work, may come and go into our pets at different times.

Everything Lives:

All is a parable for us to understand>>>> it’s all a matter of Focus and Attention.

Higher evolved species can include human, animal, insect, plants, rocks, crystals, and some other dimensional beings and all those entities who assist life and may reincarnate. It is a part of the laws (instinct) of this planet and of a soul to reincarnate and is also the reason for some human souls not leaving the planet’s ionosphere upon death. However, if a higher evolved soul does not cross over the veil, into the spirit, with physical death, they may be stuck here, so to speak in the gravitational pull, unless assistance to the soul is given, to return to spirit. There are many souls trapped on this side of the veil that needs help in crossing over. And, or, they wish to continue living life, refusing to leave earth, and cause problems for other life forms trying to live out their lives. All life forms have free will choice. It is a responsibility on each of us to be aware of if we are being affected by other spiritual entities not living up to the free will choice of each and every individual. As you can see Higher evolutionary energies can be, from a higher perspective, good or bad for us to come in contact with.

Lower evolved species  can include human, animal, insect, plants, rocks, crystals and some other dimensional beings  and are usually a spirit on a mission to accomplish a quick lesson in the art of evolution or are formed by the elemental principalities to serve a life purpose, like pollination and birth and rebirth of a species in the hierarchy of life on planet earth. Or maybe here to shine a light or antagonize others to grow. Moreover, they may be easily drawn to the flame of higher energies for ascension. Or, no amount of kind loving energy has a positive effect. As you can see Lower evolutionary energies can be, from a higher perspective, good or bad for us to come in contact with.

Vibrate/Sing/BE: Energy is love and love is ascension – and all are called to the power of love and ascension.Connie of the past:

Sometimes you will see my memoirs, of years, passed in what I call my Journey Journal. My hope is that your confusion and suffering may be lessened by the lessons I have learned. I have sympathy for my struggles of the past, therefore for you to – those of you who are disoriented. And I go back to those times in time and see what I may glean for intervention!


It is my Higher-self and Soul purpose to have come to Earth for this time and space period as a Starseed. I Am CCStarseeds. The CC is Constantly Changing. Currently, Connie is Consciously Creating Starseeds in the form of transmissions on earth to lift the veil that conspires to stagnate the spirit of truth; we are Souls/Spirits/Source; Powerful!

Dark Forces:

I can open communications to the dark side as well, but prefer not to pay them any mind. Whatsoever things are pure and lovely, think of these things! Stronger is he, Father God/Light of Jesus in me than he who is in the world!

Confused Yet:

These mentioned above are but just a few Spiritual Guides; Shining bright stars of enlightenment to light our path on this journey. Like me, you have access to the Worlds of Spirit form. You have your own Guides, from different realms and worlds. And, you have gifts and talents — ways to communicate with your spirit helpers and your higher-soul. As you open yourself up, in hope and faith, you will Awaken and Ascend!

Who are the AscensionSeeds.net-work

Seeds of truth from a network of Ascended Masters, Angels & other Entities from the Heavenly Realms and the spheres around and in the Earth @ all stations of time.

These Spiritual Beings, desire, and work towards world peace through the Ascension Process; Downloads of Wisdom and Knowledge about who we are and what we are capable of as Souls.

In acceptance — by each of us, of assigned and required Ascension power, the Earth will Sprout New Life and be free from its bondage of Dark Forces and of pain and suffering that push her down.
It is incumbent upon each of us to fulfill our heart/souls mission of healing for ourselves, the world, and human-kind.

AscensionSeeds will help you do your part!

Each post includes encoded wisdom and knowledge; downloaded material, that you need for Ascension into your greatest possible you, for each day you are alive.

Each AscensionSeed broadcasts: teach, lift up, carry forward and upward, the greatness of Creations unity and oneness of wisdom and activation of Soul Purpose.

Born an Open Channel, to the world of Spirit’s, I move determinedly and willingly through the healing and convergences of lessons to learn. Like swimming upriver on a bright, warm sunny day, the cold river waters are inviting, and upstream I will find rest under the Tree of Life, so I swim against the current. With patient practice, we do get better at this living a life thing, and at trusting in higher powers to guide us.

CCStarseeds — *Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™

And, It Is So! Everlasting!ConniePrestonParker/CCStarseeds/AscensionSeeds.net

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