About The Daily Date & Messages From Time

About The Daily Date & Messages From Time

Interpreting The Numbers

We are attracted to the same or different numbers over and over; When we receive their messages, for that moment in time, we ascend to a greater understanding of the energetic flow and connection of All Time. ~CCStarseeds 

Scroll down ⬇︎to find, how to decipher the Date and Time for personal messages. Scroll further down ⬇︎to find a short list of suggestions for each number 0-9.

Date Driven Messages?

What was sure yesterday is still true today; yet, the ruling progress of each ever-changing moment shifts our existence in reality; What and When we learn what we need to know to Ascend, and then Ascending again becomes eminent! ~CCStarseeds

The month numbers 1-12 (January – December) are reduced – so then: 1 (January) at its lowest =1, but 12, (December) would reduce by adding 1+2=3. It would be written 12/3.

The same formula is used for the Day. For example, the 15th day would be added 1+5=6 and would be written 15/6.

After each number; month, day and year are reduced the reduced sums are added together, then further reduced if need be.

However, All of the numbers, non-reduced and reduced, in each given date is evaluated for interpretation and should be considered for the message.

For example, the date, (December 15, 2017) would look like this: 12/3+15/6+2017/1.

Then reduced numbers are added together: 3+6+1=10.

Then 10 reduces 1+0=1.

Usually, 1 meaning Path, needs further assistance to get clarity so in this case 0, would be the prominent number in my opinion.

The Vibration of all the numbers:  12/3/15/6/1/1 would be the sequencing of the meaning for that day, keeping in mind the energy of the 10 years and the 15 days, with the final numbers: 3611 being the overruling Song.

So then, the above might contain messages about, Path, love, self, path movement or grabbing, unification of self, more paths or doorways, for this day in this year, as directed by the spirit. Or, utilizing the 0-9 Numerology Chart for Ascension Chart below.

Each daily message is an encouraging Timeless word to be devoted as mantras for our meditation practice and consideration for the day.

Messages From Time?

Messages From Time are timely and timeless; Time is a constant, that never and yet always is changing, a mystery to us All; As past present and future reveal all at once. ~CCStarseeds

Interpretation of Time is much the same as for the Date and is always open to varying interpretations according to the individual’s needs for a particular time.

As a general rule, the numbers on each side of the : (colon) perform separately. 2 pathways. One on either side of the colon; yet a partnership; Souce and You, a combination moving together through the Ascension Process. Your love and seeking of Source and Life is The balance needed for Ascension.

You could also say it like this: The left side of the : represents Spirit or Source and the Right is what we should do at this moment, event or day.

When the numbers are the same on both sides of the : it could indicate we are aligned and balanced, or that we should strive to be so, or we should examine our-self in that regards. For example 11:11 tells us that we are balanced on track and advancing through the doorways of ascension. Or, we need to work at opening doors for an ascent. Or, we should focus, with precision at this time, doors are about to open up for us.

We could also be led to add both sides together 11:11 becomes 1+1=2 + 1+1=2 / 2+2=4. The 11 doors are open wide for me to step into a secure and foundational lifestyle. The #11 doors to a new #4, season are opening for me.

Since the numbers on either side of the : are mostly two numbers (10:10, 12:05 … ) but not always both (2:51) the double digits should be observed for their meaning. Separately and or added together: By looking at the 0-9 Numerology Chart for Ascension and using your own divine guidance.

What else is going on to help you decipher what the messages are, for you?

I reflect, at all times “Everything going on Around and In You at the time of the noticed Time becomes a part of the reading;” So. Freeze the sighted Time in your mind, and all the other situations scents and sounds around! This is an immeasurable intuitive lesson for us, to attend our growth and to Ascend!

So let’s take another example: The number sequence 8:30 A.M. because that happens to be what’s on my clock right now, and I have been drawn to it. 8, for me usually represents my relationship and connection with Source. And 3, my physical body. 0, is undetermined or asked me to take a look at what is going on around me. In this example, I would say, I am being given the message from My God Source to take care of myself, #3, And that that will come in many Random, #0, forms today. Don’t be locked into any one thing today; be flexible. I will be surprised by the end of today. Be like the 0, wheel of time itself, ready for anything all the time!

In the “Messages From Time” format each single digit number 0-9, associated with timekeeping, is given an Ascension Message. Much like traditional numerology yet varying in its meaning, the compositions come alive with encouragement and support for our daily life.

No one ever said it would be easy. In fact, Star-Seeds and all Lightworkers, Endured to Come Here for this time of Ascension; to make ready the earth and her peoples for continued future growth; Cycles. Learning to BE in each moment is key to our success in this lifetime.

You to can get directions from Numbers for private personal communications from The Spirit of Truth for Spiritual Growth!

I will add new intelligence to the list as directed to do so by the Messengers of Time. If you would like to share your downloaded Numeric Messages, please feel free to share in a comment below.

0-9 Numerology Chart for Ascension

0: None – New Birth – Beginnings – Unknown – Faith & Belief – Dreams – Circle of Time – Going Around and Around – The World.

1: One – Oneness – A Path – The Right Path – Straight Line – One Time – Spirit – Truth – A lightbulb moment.

2: Two – To – Too – Love – Partnership – Unity – Peace – Walking – Legs – Moving towards something.

3: Three – The self – Body – Physical Health – Physical Action – Emotions – Hormonal – Instinct – Mental – Mind – Thoughts.

4: Four – For – Stability – Season or Seasons – Firm – Strong – Flexible – Giving – Lacking.

5: Five – Movement – Change – Grab hold – Make it happen – Firm – Grip – Hand – Fist – Determined – Push through.

6: Wholeness = 3 (Physical Self) +3(Higher Spiritual Self) = 6 —  Spiritual Insights & Direction – a unity of the spirit and the body – Walking by faith.

7: Contemplation – Rest – Reflection – A Full Week of Time – Set Aside.

8: Source – Gateway to Amazing grace – Eternity – Infinity – Complete in unification – No Need – Heaven on Earth – Messages from God/Source/Angels/Ascended Masters.

9: Completion – Finish a project – 3+3+3=9 (physical aspects + spiritual aspects = completion; 9) – Wholeness – Moving on – Finalizing things.


I pray you enjoy using all the numbers floating around you to make yourself Greatly Blessed!  Sending Love and Blessings your way, Enjoy.

Be-Blessed, BeLoved


The passages for the “Messages From Time,” “Daily Date Message” post, and other numeric value messages within this blog site and #CCStarseeds, come from, riding the frequency, and understanding something of numbers and what they mean to the Ascension of humankind and all of Creation. Therefore interpretations found here are only suggestions; you should rely intuitively on higher wisdom and knowledge, including a meditation on or dowsing, to be guided to the correct message you need at any given time.