Who Is Connie Preston Parker

My Abbreviated About Page 

Maybe some of you can relate; Each of us being Beings Awakening to Spiritual Reality.

This Awakening and Knowing and Being who we are is a complicated affair that I suspect takes many lifetimes Рif ever to master. It is a final Business many of us have set for ourselves for this life. So, let’s Ascend to It! ~CCStarseeds

It seems to me I practiced and studied spiritual matters my entire life, in one way and form or another, never knowing for sure when I was; All my earthly days filled with apparent separation to natural society. Instead, longings for what the human eye does not see; Born an Open Channel, Starseed, first-generation 1960’s, test batch РCrystal Child; one eternal eye looking out, searching, scanning for what others do not see, that’s me, born a Seeker of The Light! ~CCStarseeds

  As a small child, lonely Innocents ruled me Рmy faith eventually enlarged, as I grew. My teen years born a disparity and ignorance Рthat brought about destruction Рthough finally, enlightenment I earned. In my middle years, this life Рspontaneous or solicited Encoded Spiritual Downloads bring about more wisdom and knowledge with, know-how, to fit together all the pieces of the broken life my inherent spiritual gifts of empathic, before-knowing and sight, astral travel, and gifts of healing, brought unbeknownst to me.

  My first recollections of my gifts were as a small child, around the age of three or four, seeing; Clairvoyance, and hearing; Clairaudience, Angels, of the Heavenly Realms, singing during a Christian church service. The Angelic Realm became my playground in many ways during my plan for this lifetime, lonely childhood. 

  Due to the necessities of self-perseverance in my childhood, skills of Clairaudience, clear hearing and listening, and Claircognizance, clear knowing increased naturally to alert me to dangers.

¬†¬†I found out later, in my late forties, through a¬†Spiritual Regression Hypnosis¬†that I was born an¬†Open Channel, all the Clair-senses, in one degree or another, awakened in me at birth. You can read that story in¬†‚ÄúStar-Seeded Ascensions, Messages From The Councils;‚Ä̬†a co-authored book by myself; Connie Parker and Amy Sakarskie.

  Later in my teens, my third-eye sight naturally expanded to see ghosts and crossed over loved ones in their dimensions. However, due to my Christain upbringing, I thought those were Demons, they terrified me; When they would notice I saw them, they would swarm towards me.

Having no person in my life to share these happenings with, I learned the long hard way, to take control of my gifts of sight. I experimented with visiting and entertaining the dimensions of the friendly sorts and closed my eyes, keeping my distance from the darker forces.

  I found solace, for a time, in traditional Christian faiths and churches, and developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ Рthat passage I treasure and enjoy to this day. I have studied the Bible from cover to cover with commentary three times. Moreover, faithfully read passages regularly. I continue to pray and talk to my Heavenly Father every day, and he speaks back; I hear the still small voice, loud and clear. He and I have had a personal relationship since I was eighteen; He is how I made it through the learning and acceptance of my Gifts of Spirit. And lean on him still for direction in how to Love and shine His Light in ALL I do.

  In Later years, and now, in my life, with knowledge, and wisdom from Source and purposeful practice, the Clair-Gifts of the Spirit, Clairvoyance, sixth sense, ESP, are being fine-tuned in me. Claircognizance, (clear knowing) Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling or touching) Clairolfactus (clear smelling) Clairgustance (clear tasting) and how to use them all together, in Clairvoyance, (clear sixth sense knowing) for a healthy happy life and the good of others are my mission and where I am Now!

  With my dedication to the higher frequency of love practices, I have become a clear channel for many, other-worldly Beings, some being: Jesus, Holy Spirit, Father God, Mother Mary, St. Germain, and other saints. My personal Star-Council and Higher-self, Ascended Masters, including some modern-day crossed-over Masters, the Animal Kingdom and Elementals, including Dragons, and the groans and cries of our present home star; Mother Earth.

My Education

  I am a retired Licensed Vocational Nurse. I have worked in the field of nursing with every age group and health level Рfrom pediatrics to geriatrics, helping souls to live and or die, and cross over into healing, no matter what phase of life and Ascension they resided.

  I have a Masters Degree in Spiritual Healing: this consisted of 33 plus certification courses in different modalities. Including Shamanism, Reiki/Energy Healing of varying philosophies, Animal Healing/Communication, Energetic healings of the physical and spiritual body through natural remedies, Life-Coach/Counseling, and many other holistic approaches. 

  I am a Hypnotherapist with Past-Life, Between-Life, Spiritual, and Life-Changing, training, and practice. 

¬†¬†And I continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge daily…

  Additionally, I am truly a Master at none yet; I hear the voices and echoes of all life everywhere; I Am Everywhere, Everyone, and No-One; We are One. Come, let us learn together! 



~CCStarseeds‚ĄĘ Consciously¬†Creating StarSeeds for Ascension

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