There are many aspects of this website; this being the Home of where I get organized: posting my calendar of events, services, blogs, articles, and reviews. Therefore this site is a culmination of Three Aspects; Myself, the body, Connie Preston Parker, (ConniePrestonParker.com) and CCStarseeds (CCStarseeds.org), my Higher-Self and the ™ I have taken, and AscensionSeedsNetwork (AscensionSeeds.net), a network of Heavenly Spiritual Beings that channel their messages through me.

You will find links to About pages, under the About Tab, for each station of this site.

And (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) links to other sites that provide products for Ascension:

AscensionSeeds.com (Comming Soon)

CrystalPowerAscension.com (Comming Soon)

CrystalPowerExpert.com (Comming Soon)