My 56/11 birthday in 2018/11

My 56/11 birthday in 2018/11

Today, August 6, 2018, I Am 56 years re-known; living this time in the life of Connie; An Eternal Being who has experienced far and wide. I share the Birth-day message, with you, I was given early this morning from my Spirit Guides: “Life is A Broken Line.”

What does it mean? “Life is a broken line!” we expect things will end or get better, or get worse; at the very least we await things to change from what they are, and they do, of sorts.

I asked my Messengers, “you mean like the broken lines down the middle of a road?” “No,” they said. “For there are many places a soul lives where there are no roads.” And they showed me a forest with trees of all heights and thickness; some fallen, and animals, insects, and birds – of all kinds, and dirt paths laden with fallen leaves, decayed to varying levels, and shades, of greens, browns and golden yellow-orange hues. And I was one with the Broken Path of that place and this one. This is but one mystery bar-on, The Broken Line of Life and Soul! ⥵⤁↬⤠ ?

Live On … ?????

~Connie Preston Parker | CCStarseed parables

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