Live or Die – earth empathic starseed

Live or Die – earth empathic starseed

I know I should be at peace. They tell me I should feel sad or confused or mad. They, being those others here with me in my mind. As for me and my heart? I follow Them, when I can. But the They’s are strong in my head, and many times, they drown out the Them. I sit in contemplation of This, All of Those embodied and out-of-bodied voices. Some say Help Me, and They need me, and They Love me. Others, Them, love me too, unconditionally, and are full in my heart. Striving or peace? A tearing down or A building up. Lying down in the grave to decay or Ascending up? Which is it then, I Am asked. Both I say!

Remember to know who you are! You are the vibration of Creation!

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