Daily Date Message: 10/22/2017

Daily Date Message: 10/22/2017


When we #10/1 – Walk the Path of Faith every day, we bring about, #22/4 – Partnership and Love that is Sustainable all along our #1 path to, #6 – Awakening to All we are; Body and Soul in One.

If we want to Ascend into who we are, Spiritual Beings; We have no other choice but to believe that our destiny will unfold as we go along in this life. Each new day brings new opportunities for us to let go of everything that does not feel like love inside us. Sit with your self and just love you; know it, experience it, embrace and remember what it feels like… repeat…

Vibrate/Sing: I sit with myself, and I know me well. I Love Myself! ~CCStarseeds?

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