Daily Date Message: 9/22/2017

Daily Date Message: 9/22/2017


Today we may have the opportunity to #9 closely assess our #22 partnerships and relationships of all kinds – #4 for – the #14 next course of #5 right action. Observe those in your life, how do they make you feel? Do you feel loved? This is not about judging others, but rather, how do you feel! We all are doing the best we can; Even if you cant see or understand it in others, as compared to your self. The Self is the only thing we can change; How we respond to others; What we do about how we feel. What can you change today, to feel better about yourself?


I accept others for who and how they are. I monitor my feelings and adjust my attitudes to match the vibration of Love. I love myself, everyone, the world, creation, and Source. I Am in partnership with Love!


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