Daily Date Message: 9/18/2017

Daily Date Message: 9/18/2017


#9 All that you need, #18 straight as an arrow, flows from Source to earth, to #9 complete your #1 absolute path. The #19 way of full self-unity is a #10 path of faith, which when followed shows the #1 correct way. The path is not always clear to us, but we know that there is a purpose. Our path-way only becomes manifest in each new moment, not all at once. Are you looking for a detailed plan for your life, a signpost to point the way? Look no deeper than your heart and inner senses, in each new breath of life, and you will know the way.


I follow the one true path for my life. My path of unity for my soul and life purpose is before me. I live in cycles of starts and stops, new beginnings every day.



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