Daily Date Message: 9/13/2017

Daily Date Message: 9/13/2017


As we continue down the path of completing this #10/1 year, we are asked to look at how we are #9 finishing on a #13 physical level. We are beginning a #4 new season of growth as we conclude projects and assess what we have #5 manifested so far this year. What does your body tell you, you have done good, and what ill effects, have come on you this year? The body knows how to heal itself; Let your bodies Repair System go to work today, correcting any damaging effects of the past year; This includes any meridians of Ascension that need adjustments to/in the physical body.


My body is a fast acting healing machine! It is continually processing out the old, outdated, useless particles that could cause illness. I Am Healed, Holy, and Sanctified; Called, to walk this Earth with a purpose! And I Do So… #CCStarseeds ?

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