Daily Date Message: 8/29/2017

Daily Date Message: 8/29/2017

8+29/11/2+1(2017)=11 & 8+29/11+1=20/2

We travel through the #11 gates today, in this later part of the #8 month. However, we go not alone. #29 reminds us that we are in partnership with the commitments we have made. Moreover, we will only feel we have opened the #11 doors and indeed traveled our #1 path when we #20 love unconditionally and remain in #2 partnership with our truth.


 I reach inside and find the ‘Commitment To Love Door’ that is my path. I know with whom I should be devoted. I especially encourage and lift up those in my life that are in covenant with me. I am strong and confident that I know how to love ‘All’ in all situations.


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