Daily Date Message: 8/22/2017

Daily Date Message: 8/22/2017


After yesterday’s eclipse #8, today we #3 get to look deep within our heart #22 and find a new season #4, a path #1 of stability #4 that wasn’t there before. What new partnerships or commitments did the moon of night-time and watery emotions reveal to you, as the sun-light was darkened? What did the sun burn away with its burning bright light? With every moment that passes, and especially after a super astronomical event, we are made different, if only we will be aware of each new moment.


 I BreathE, BalancE, and BelievE (BE) in each new moment. I am Ascending in love and partnership with myself first, so that I know how to love others. I breathe in … and out … I am balanced in this new every moment. I believe that everything I have or will go through Ascends me into greater knowledge, that I Am Love. 


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