Daily Date Message: 8/9/2017

Daily Date Message: 8/9/2017


Today, with purpose, we may conclude some intense reflections begun on the 7th, coming to some conclusions on how to assimilate revelations revealed over the past few days into our life. Hope, purpose, and meaning bloom into to our understanding. 

The powerful energies of the past few days, with its #8s and full moon, may have perhaps left you reeling with power.

We may still feel some of the resulting residual energies today. But, we get a little break from the onslaught. Or at least we can if we decide to harness all that power with some profound insights into what it could mean for us.


I understand and utilize the powerful, energetic, messages, codes, and enlightenment, Creation and God Source has put forth. I receive its wisdom and knowledge to be one with All. 



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