Daily Date Message: 8/11/2017

Daily Date Message: 8/11/2017

Heaven’s doors are open today to show the paths of love and support and to open more doors. A cycle of new births is upon us.

When added one way 8+11+1(2017)=20/2 – #20 is Love (2) and an egg (0) of new beginnings – we have to wait in expectation of the opening heart door #11, for all to be revealed in this #8 month – to find the final path of #2 love that connects us to Source. Like the Morning Glory flower opening with the new light, we face our sun.

Hidden Dual doors of #11 show themselves when added another way: 8+11/2+1=11. This is an undercurrent numeric energy on this day. It may not be obvious that what you are going through today, or this month, will open doors to Ascension, but they will.

This #8 month may not be easy. But we will <<<


I do the work required to get to where I want to go. I am shown the way; every step is clearly defined for me.



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