Daily Date Message: 8/8/2017

Daily Date Message: 8/8/2017



Continuing with the powerful full moon cycle for this month and lots of 8s – we are in for a fantastic day. #8 is the number of frequencies heightened here on Earth from Above. With the moon still appearing full, it is a super powerful day. And, to top it off we are in Leo month.

What will you do with all this power?!

We can harness it. Or let it run over us. 


Today, I take control of my life. I Am powerful and in sync with creation. Universal energy flows easily towards me – around me – and through me. I take it all in and let it easily flow back out of me. I Am a part of creation. Creation is a part of me. We are the same: Pure Love Source coursing through everything. I Am powerful and full of Light and Love!



You can learn to interpret the numbers for Ascension for yourself and your day. Start by reading a short post About the Daily Date Message.  

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