Daily Date Message: 8/6/1962

Daily Date Message: 8/6/1962

Today is my Birthday; 55 earth years I have lived. I feel as though I am on a double #5 prefaces. On a journey to, where, I do not know. Five fingers grab and hold. Five paths spread out before me. Which way to go? So today’s Daily Date Message is for me.

(You too can learn, here, how to interpret the date for your life, for ascension.)

I Am connected to Source (8), all of me (6), I Am on a path (1), of track’s moving (15) me into more unity (1+5=6) with ALL that I AM! In my double digit, 55th year, I will have many paths to choose from: I will need to stay on the road of faith (5+5=10), no matter what, If I want to stay on my true #1 course (1+0=1).

Who am I at my core; my heart, my mind – thoughts and emotions intertwining to make me have personally designed experiences?

What are my strengths and weaknesses? All of me determines my choices. Knowing who I am, helps me know what I can and cannot do. Should or shall not do.

To some, who are younger than me 55 may seem old. To those older than me, young.

For me, knowing what I know now, with all my years of events, emotions, and experience, I feel old and wise, beyond my years.
Brave and stupid. And carefree, like when I was a child and life swept me away, where it would. I ride the currents of circumstance.

When I get pulled under, I know I will surface again, as I always have. With each moment and event, I will live as I will live, die to things inside and outside me, as they die with each season of new growth. I will live on, in one form or another, as autumn leaves fall to the ground.

I Am the dirt, the water; the mud, the seed that rode on the wind or in the belly of a bird. The weed and the flower and the tree. I Am All Things, great and small. But Always – I AM that I Am, Eternal. 

Happy Birthday to me. I live on for Eternity …

Sending Love Seeds to the world! 

Your friend,


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