Daily Date Message: 8/2/2017

Daily Date Message: 8/2/2017

Unconditional love is the one true path to all divine doorways.

This #8 month – of no beginning and no end – teams up with #2 Love, and #11 doorways, to show us a way.

8+2+1(2017)=11 #82111.

Last months #7 energy had us reflecting on what we think about our self. Some of that energy is still with us as we move into the truth of the never ending cycles of creation and eternity #8.

How do we love ourself, our family and friends, and neighbors, and the world as a whole? 

We learned a lot about internal reflecting last month. Now it’s time to turn our inner to the outer and consider –  how we fit into the world. We all do have our part. Some of us just need a little direction. Today tells us that unconditional love is the door. Love for our self first, so that then we know how to love others.


I love myself, others, the world, and All of Creation unconditionally. I send forth love from my heart of love! I Am Love. And I Am a part of the All! 

You are Love & loved BeLoved.


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