Daily Date Message; 7/31/2017

Daily Date Message; 7/31/2017

Reflection has brought us to a stable and secure place in our life. 

 We are at the end of a cycle: in this last day of the month, a #4 day (3+1=4). 4 is a number of seasons, but also of firm foundations. 

This #7 month has had us reflecting on who we are and what we want. Hopefully we have come to some conclusions and have become determined in some areas of life, to make some progress. 

Today's total sum (7+31/4+1=12/3) is 3. We are having a human experience. And with the work we have done we are ready to be in a stable new season (#4), for next month. 

Tomorrow we move into August, a #8 month, connecting Heaven – spirit to Earth life. The work we have done on our internal in July (#7) will help with the (#8) shift. 

Take a break today on analyzing your inner self. Look around at your world. 

How does your inner life fit into your outer? How can you make a successful union between the two? 

Next month we will be ask to assess this more, and be putting it all (body, spirit, soul, mind, life) together for a more fruitful life on Earth. 

Today, enjoy all the work you have done this month.  

🎶Now, I move into infinity💫

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