Daily Date Message: 7/30/2017

Daily Date Message: 7/30/2017

Reflection on where we are and what we feel opens doors. 

The sum of this months day and year total is #11, (7+30/3+1=11) another doors opening day. 

This #7 month has had us reflecting on who we are, what we feel, and where we want to go, today is no exception. 
You may feel as though you have had enough of looking inside, and I completely understand. This season of 7 is almost over. 

However, only by seeking truth will we find who we truly are. The reflecting we have done this month will manifest its good fruit next month in August, a #8 month. Let’s make the most of today. We can have fun doing so with our #3 body #0 adventure, and faith. Look deeply today to see who you are at heart, who you want to be. Only by being honest with ourselves can we make plans to fulfill our dreams. 

?I reflect and heal! I Am determined to live my dreams?

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