Daily Date Message: 7/27/2016

Daily Date Message: 7/27/2016

7+27/9+1=17/8 #798

Today ask us to look at all we have done – And draw on the power of the lessons learned to bring ‘Heaven on Earth’ into our lives and around the world. Repeat …


Take some time to meditate on – how where you have been, has brought you to a place of wisdom in certain areas of life. Could you take these, sometimes repetitive lessons, the apparent energetic flow of your life, and turn them into something grand? Often times, what we have been through is exactly why we are here. But not to suffer, rather, to learn the lessons needed to grow – for our own soul’s sake, and the world. Ascension! We are teachers, first to ourselves, then others. After we have observed, deciphered and absorbed the lessons, Peace Comes.

Vibrate/Sing: I Love all the lessons I am learning! I Am Strong!

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