Daily Date Message: 5-8-2017

Daily Date Message: 5-8-2017

Today’s date 5+8+1=14/5

Moving through Time to our Destination -We find we are Connected to The All of Everything. We are Eternal. -CCStarseeds✨

Pathways: Time does not stand still and neither do we. We are all constantly moving, growing, and changing into what Creation, and we are Creation, needs us to be at any given moment; Call it Ascension for the Soul, Evolution for the body. Grab hold of the revelation: Heaven is for real and we are constantly moving towards a connection to that Source.

Vibrate/Sing: I Move Towards my Eternal Connection to Source!

ConniePrestonParker.com/ CCStarseeds
*Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™

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