Daily Date Message: 5-5-2017

Daily Date Message: 5-5-2017

Today’s date 5+5+2017/1=11

Change is necessary to move through the doors of Awakening and Ascension. What change do you need to make?CCStarseeds✨

Change isn’t easy for us humans, we usually only feel in control of our circumstances when we know what to expect at any given moment. We mostly get our acceptable norms from society and those around us. Fortunately, more of our peers are opening up to the possibilities that we are Spiritual Beings, making it easier to find like-minded individuals, believing that, Everything Created is formed by Eternal Creative Spiritual Energy; Love. Nevertheless – we must be prepared to step out on faith and believe in something we can’t yet perceive, and that may go against all we have been taught, and be willing to be different than those we associate with on a daily basis. Will you grab hold and boldly move onto the path of change, and through the Doors of Awakening? (5,5,1,11)

Vibrate/Sing: I Am Awakening, Ascending and Changing Easily!

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