What Season is It For You?

The seasons come and go; winter, spring, summer, fall.

Winter is cold and brings the death that eventually brings the life.

Spring is crisp and sweeps clean; new life begins.

Summer brings warmth and abundant, fruitful growth.

Fall comes to blow down for the decay of winters death, for the new life of spring and summer, again . . .

So how do I know what season I am in?

Is it time to go to sleep and rest for a while?

Or plow up the grounds to make ready for planting?

Or perhaps I should plant some seeds, for a summer or winter crop?

How do I know what season I am in?

Spirit did not give me a calendar of my life.

Do I awaken, and grow into Ascension in this life until death?

Do I have to die to become made whole?

Have I already died a thousand or more deaths?

How do I know what season I am in?

I did not come with an owners manual or a set of blueprints.

I try to guess and feel my way to knowing what to do next. Will I live forever?

Yes, as the soil and seeds and fruit trees, live in one form or another, so shall I.

So what season am I in?

I am branching forth into new grounds, spreading my green foliage to the sun for shade and evergreen branches for seeded sweet fruit – to ripen in its good season.


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