Daily Date Message: 3-6-2017

Daily Date Message: 3-6-2017

Today’s date: 3+6+1=10/1

Ask us to think about how we are living our lives as souls living in a fleshly body; Both are eternal in that they change and grow, but each has its own way of breaking down and going on into new beginnings.

The body and the spirit are one.



  • How do I relate to the fact that both my soul and this body will live forever in one form or another?
  • Am I prepared to live to the fullest extent that I can, in this body and soul combo, I am currently in?
  • Do I respect both aspects of myself, earthy body and celestial soul?
  • How can I make time for each aspect of my life, so that both body and soul are accommodated; fulfilled and satisfied; healthy and whole?

Vibrate/Sing: I Am One with All my parts!

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